Against all oddsMature

i met Femi Johnson whilst an undergraduate at the university of lagos.i had just been admitted to study insurance while he was 2years ahead of me.i was not intrested in a relationship as my mother repeatedly sounded a note of warning that i should concentrate my studies and forget about boys in the meantime.

Like a bolt out of the blues,Femi swept me off my feet as he was all over me;showering me with love and attention on the one hand and helping me with my studies on the other hand.our love knew no bounds even though our parents were not too excited about the parents were staunch catholics(Dad a knight and Mum ;president of catholic women organisation)while Femi was from a muslim background.we remained steadfast and undettered all through our university days.femi popped the big question after my youth service(will you marry me....)i was beside myself with joy and ran home to share THE GOOD NEWS(or so i thought) with my parents.they were very distraught by the news;saying i couldn't marry a MUSLIM!.I left the house in tears and was shocked to discover that Femi was also facing a similar situation at home.

A week later,Femi quietly took me to the Marriage Registry and we became Man and Wife.Our Families shunned our wedding!(it was painful to put it mildly)and i moved in to his two bedroom apartment(he had gotten a job with an Insurance Firm;having finished school before me and was well paid)

A year later,we welcomed our daughter into our lives and our joy became complete.we have managed to weather all storms that came our way,AGAINST ALL ODDS and i hope our families will one day understand that ours is  Love  made in heaven.

The End

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