Katie's First Case - James and Samantha

Samantha and I were alone in the clubroom now. Sheryl and Katie had already gone home for the day, and I was taking advantage of the room to get some homework done. Samantha was typing away on the laptop, probably writing up today's case.

After a while, she stood up, and started packing up. Then she took out a present and held it out to me. In a shy voice, she said, "Happy Birthday, James."

Surprised that she remembered my birthday, I took the present from her and said, "Thank you, Samantha."

Embarrassed, she said, "I'll- I'll see you tomorrow then."

Before she left though, I called out to her, "Wait!"

She turned around to face me.

Great, now I was the one being shy. "Do- do you want to go to a movie with me sometime?"

It took a moment before she said anything. Then, with her usual bubbly energy, she said, "Sure!"

The End

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