Katie's First Case - The Case of the Swapped Bag

The four of us had barely gotten settled into our seats in the clubroom the next day when a boy burst into the room, "You guys have to help me!"

"Oh hey, it's Nadir!" Katie smiled and stood up, "How are you?"


"You know him?" I asked Katie.

"Yeah, he's in my homeroom."

"So, what's wrong, Nadir?" Sheryl asked.

"I lost my backpack!" He said, pointing to the backpack that he had with him.

I raised my eyebrow at Nadir, "Uh, you're pointing at it."

"No!" Nadir explained, "This is someone else's bag. My bag looks exactly the same! It must have gotten swapped with someone else's by accident!"

"Well," Katie said, "Why don't you just look inside and find out whose bag it is, and see if there's some way of communicating with him or her?"

Nadir looked at Katie for a moment to digest that. Then, sheepishly, he said, "Right..."

We managed to easily find a day planner with the owner's name and phone number. Nadir dialed the number just as someone knocked on and open the door. A boy and a girl entered. The boy started to introduce themselves, "I am Marlowe, and this is Marlene, do you-"

A phone began to rang in the Marlene's direction. We all looked towards her direction and saw that she had the same bag that Nadir had.

"You have my bag!" Nadir and Marlene both said at the same time.

The End

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