Katie's First Case - Katie Wong

Back in the present, Sheryl said, "Oh, don't worry, Samantha. As I was saying, we need new members! We need to expand our club and ensure that it will stay after we graduate!"

Right after Sheryl had said that, there was a knock on the door and a girl walked in. "Is this the After-School Detectives?"

Excited, Sheryl said, "Yep!"

Breaking out into a huge smile, and with an excitement that could match Sheryl's, the girl introduced herself, "Hi, I'm Katie Wong. I am new at the school this year, but I heard about you guys and I would really like to join the club!"

Sheryl, Samantha, and I exchanged looks of amazement.

"Well, that was easy." I mused.

Recovering from shock, Sheryl proclaimed, "Welcome to the club! You're in!"

"Really? That easy?" Katie asked.

"Yeah, that easy!" Sheryl extend her hand.

"Oh thank you!" Katie said, happily shaking Sheryl's hand. "Please teach me what you can about being a detective!"

Sheryl gave Katie a thumbs up, "Of course!"

Pointing to me, Sheryl said, "This is James, he's a detective too!"

I chuckled to myself at the thought of being called that. If I recalled correctly, I had to be dragged into this club at the beginning of last year.

Pointing to Samantha, Sheryl introduce her as well, "And this is Samantha, she keeps a record of our cases."

Samantha smiled, and gave Katie a wave, which was completely unlike her.

The End

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