Rogue Detective - Confrontation

It was a week later, and I was following Sheryl back to the school after she had called me after dinner. Curious, I asked, "What are we doing here?"

"I figured out who did it, and what her next move is going to be."

"Her? So who is it then?"

"Well, I'm not a hundred percent sure yet, so I want you to film it."

That's how we ended up staking out Sheryl's own locker. And indeed, a figure with a hoodie on her head approached Sheryl's locker and put a bag down. She started taking out what was surely prank equipment.

I took out my phone and started filming while Sheryl got out of our hiding place and walked towards the figure. Greeting her, Sheryl said, "Hello, Madeline."

The figure looked up in surprise. Then, she smirked and took off her hoodie, revealing herself to indeed be Madeline Piers, the bully that Sheryl had humiliated. She responded, "So you figured it out, Sheryl."

Then, Madeline's expression grew into one of anger. "You and your stupid detective club ruined my plans again!"

"What choice did I have? You were blackmailing everyone at the school with the threat of exposing our secrets!"

"You could have left it alone! Nobody was getting bullied anymore! We didn't have to deal with homework or tests anymore!"

"But everyone was miserable! We all dreaded going to school every day. We were all scared - of you!"

"So what?! I was ruling in shadows, and the school was better for it!"

"No, it wasn't!"

"That's your opinion!" Madeline lunged at Sheryl and tackled her to the ground.

I quickly put my phone in my pocket and grabbed Madeline off Sheryl, "Get off her!"

Madeline broke out of my grasp and stood back, glaring at the both of us, trying to decide her next move. Finally, she said, "This isn't over!"

She stormed off.

The End

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