Rogue Detective - Time To Get Involved

So now it was May, three months after the start of this spiral. Sheryl finally had enough, and in the clubroom of the After-School Detectives, she declared, "Someone is using their detective skills for evil! We have to stop them!"

Samantha and I agreed.

"But where to start?" Sheryl pondered.

Just then, Franklin, our candy loving friend, walked in. He sat down in one of the chairs and sighed, "Guy..., I need your help."

"Sorry, Franklin," Sheryl said, "We are busy right now, we are going to find out who's controlling the school behind the shadows."

Sheepishly, Franklin said, "Well, maybe I can help with that..."

We all turned to Franklin. Sheryl excitedly asked, "You know who's behind this?"

"No..." Franklin started.

"Oh...," Sheryl started to walk away.

Franklin continued, "But I think I've been paying them."

Sheryl slammed her hands on the desk and leaned on the desk towards Franklin, "What?!"

Franklin, looking guilty, started his story, "Well, you guys know how some people make fun of me for my... size."

We nodded.

"Two months ago, I received a letter in my locker, which offered me revenge... if I paid. So I did. And within a week, Matt..., well, you guys know what happened to Matt."

We nodded again, recalling how Matt, our school's football star, and a bully, had his embarrassing secret exposed.

"I regretted it immediately," Franklin continued, "and I wanted to stop paying. But then, I got another letter, saying that if I didn't keep paying, then not only would the bullies come back, but my own secrets would get exposed too."

"That's terrible!" Samantha exclaimed.

"How do you pay them?" I asked.

"I usually get a letter once a week, telling me where to drop off the money, which is usually a box somewhere at school." Franklin took out one such letter to show us.

Sheryl grabbed the typewritten letter and looked at it, "Is this this week's letter?"


Sheryl grinned, "Then we're going on a stakeout!"

The End

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