Rogue Detective - Grip of Terror

It was beginning of May, and the whole school was gripped with terror.

I sat in the classroom with the rest of my fellow students, while our teacher taught. It seemed like a normal classroom, but the tense atmosphere indicated otherwise. At least half of the students in the classroom were miserable, and the teacher hadn't given out so much as an assignment for the past few months now, in fear of the repercussions.

It all started near the end of February, with a bang coming out of Francine's locker. The bang was followed by a gooey substance, which splattered all over the untouchable queen been of our school. She had been pranked. Her group turned on her, and she was no longer part of the "popular" group.

Strange as that was, even stranger was that no one stepped up to fill the power vacuum. Instead, the group fell quiet.

Then, in March, one of the History teachers, Ms. Rouge, was revealed to have failed a History class in high school. Her students wouldn't let her live it down, and after a month of the insults piling up, she finally had a breakdown when her students refused to do one of her tests. From what I heard, she was screaming in the classroom and cursing at the students. Some of the other teachers managed to calm her down and she quit soon afterwards.

She was just the first victim, two other teachers also had their secrets exposed. One quit, and the other one was fired because of how he reacted. This scared the other teachers, and all that they have done for the past few months now was quietly teach the class. No assignments, no tests, just lecturing.

Something peculiar was also happening with the students during this time. Many students had their secrets exposed as well, leading to their ridicule. However as more and more students had their secrets exposed, the student body gradually became quieter and quieter. Everyone was too afraid to do anything to stand out anymore.

And so, gradually our school became a place that we dreaded going to every morning; it was a good day if nothing eventful happened.

We were in the grip of terror, indeed.

The End

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