Scarlet - Fedora

I leaned on a lamppost near the entrance of the school and tilted my fedora (which I never bothered to bring back home after Halloween). I placed a lollipop (which I got from Sheryl's bowl of candy) into my mouth and sucked on it. Putting my hands into my jacket pockets, I watched as Gregory said goodbye to his teammates.

After their farewells, Gregory started walking down the street, and I started following him. Surely, the scumbag was going to meet his mistress right now.

He walked into a burger joint and, unsurprisingly, he sat down in a booth with another girl.

Oh, what will my beautiful client say when I tell her?

I grabbed the booth next to them and held up the menu to hide my face. Then, I leaned in a little to eavesdrop on the pair.

As I joined in the conversation, the girl was saying, "Afterwards, we can go skating, and then we can head back to my place for cake."

Skating, and then cake?! They must be talking about what to do on their next date! Oh, Scarlet, you poor gir-

"Sounds good," Gregory nodded, "I think Scarlet is going to love her birthday party!"

I paused for a moment.

A birthday party for Scarlet? Gregory wasn't cheating?! He was just being an attentive boyfriend?!

The girl rubbed it in, "You're such a good boyfriend, Greg!"

"Haha," Gregory blushed, "Thanks."

The two of them continued talking about the birthday party that they were planning. When they were done, they left the burger joint and went their separate ways.

The End

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