Scarlet - Out of Commission

It was the middle of February and I was freezing cold. I was walking to school when Samantha called out to me from behind. In a playful tone, she said, "Hey Watson."

I sighed and said, "It's James."

She caught up to me and smiled, "Well, I want to call you Holmes, but Sheryl wouldn't like that."

I didn't now if that was a compliment or not.

Before I could respond, Sheryl showed up as well, walking up to us woozily. In a flat, tired tone, she greeted us, "Hi guys."

Samantha, concerned, asked, "Sheryl! What's wrong?"

In the same flat, tired tone, she said "It's Holm-" before coughing.

"Sheryl, are you okay?" Samantha asked again.

Sheryl recovered and, in a tired voice, she said, "I'm fine."

Samantha and I tried to convince Sheryl to go home, but she wouldn't listen, "No! I have to be there, in case there is a new case!"

I sighed, "Look Sheryl, you're obviously sick. Don't worry about the club, Samantha and I will take care of it."

Sheryl's eyes brightened a little, "You will?"


Of course, now we had to take Sheryl home, but luckily for us, Sheryl's mother showed up. "Sheryl! I told you to stay home today!"

Sheryl's mother dragged Sheryl home as Samantha and I continued towards the school.

The End

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