Birthday Present - Dilemma Solved

It was two days later, and Sheryl, Samantha, and I were walking along the hallway during lunch. I spotted Brett up ahead, giving a wrapped present to Virginia.

Virginia ripped a little bit of the wrapping off, just enough for her to see what it was. Then, she smiled and gave Brett a hug, "Thanks Brett! You remembered."

Brett smiled as well, "Of course I did."

Virginia relaxed the hug, "I'll see you after school?"


Virgina walked away with her friends and waved good bye to Brett with a smile on her face.

We walked up to Brett. Brett spotted me and held his hand up.

I high-fived him and asked, "Good job, Brett! So, what did you get her?"

He grinned, "A box of chocolates."

Samantha exclaimed, "That worked?!"

Brett let out a laugh, then he explained, "While I was in the candy store, looking for a box of chocolates, I remembered that she loves caramel, so I got her a box of caramel chocolates. So thanks, guys. Looks like that session helped."

Brett happily parted ways with us.

The three of us couldn't think of anything to say for a while, until Sheryl came up with, "Well, looks like another case was successfully closed!"

Samantha pointed out, "We didn't do anything."

Then I pointed out, "How was that even a mystery?"

"Well," Sheryl grinned and said, "The mystery was what to get Virginia for her birthday, and we pushed Brett in the right direction. So yeah, case closed!" Then she added, "Successfully, by us."

I grinned back and said, "Yeah, I guess you're right."

Samantha grinned in agreement as well, "Guess I have a new case file to write up."

Happy with how things turned out, we went off to eat lunch.

The End

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