Costumes - The Principal

After-school, I was following Sheryl as she stormed towards the principal's office again.

The principal's assistant saw Sheryl and immediately stood up to say, "Oh c'mon, not this again! You can't-"

It didn't work, of course, and Sheryl once again barged into Mr. Black's office, this time slamming down the yearbook onto his desk. "This is why you aren't letting us dress up?!"

Mr. Black took a look at the yearbook, then sighed and said, "Yes. Now you understand."

"Well, that's just garbage!"

Mr. Black gave Sheryl a glare, "Excuse me?"

"Sure, some people are going to make fun of us for dressing up, but when was that ever a good reason to stop doing something? We can't just stop doing things because we're afraid of what some bullies might think. Don't let the bullies win!"

Mr. Black took a look at the sincerity on Sheryl's face. Then, he sighed and said, "Alright, let me think about it."

Sheryl began, "But-"

That was when I interrupted, "Okay, thank you for hearing us out, Mr. Black."

I grabbed Sheryl by the arm and dragged her outside before she could say anything else.

"I was so close though!" Sheryl whined at me.

"I think you did good enough," I said, "He just needs time and he wants to save face."

"To save face?"

"You'll understand when you're older."

"Oh, okay," Sheryl and I walked for a moment before she realized, "Hey! We're the same age!"

The End

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