Costumes - Library

"Why are we here?" Sheryl asked me.

It was lunch time the next day, and we were in the library.

"Well," I said, "Your mother said that Mr. Black loved dressing up on Halloween back then, so I thought maybe if we reminded him of that, he'd let us dress up again."

"So how would the library help us?"

"Maybe there's a picture of him in one of these old yearbooks." I grabbed one of our school's yearbooks off the shelf and flipped to the back, where the students and their portraits were. Not finding Robert Black on the list, I said, "Of course, we would have to narrow down the years that he was at this school first."

"Oh, that's a good idea!" Sheryl did some mental calculations in her head. "Let's see, it should be around this year!"

She grabbed one of the yearbooks and flipped to the back. Then, she scanned through the portraits and smiled, "Found him!"

We then flipped through the yearbook to find that year's Halloween costumes section. Scanning through the photos for Mr. Black, we stopped when we saw a happy, young Mr. Black in a Halloween costume. Sheryl and I couldn't tell what Mr. Black was supposed to be (it was probably from a TV show before our time, or something like that), but it was the scribbles on the yearbook that caught our eye. Surrounding the pictures were comments making fun of those that had decided to dress up that year, with some of them directed at Mr. Black.

Now we understood what Mr. Black had meant when he said that he just wanted to 'save us'.

The End

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