Costumes - Cookies!

"Hmph!" Sheryl let out a frustrated noise and threw a piece of candy into her mouth.

We were at her place now, trying to finish up one of our group projects for Science. Of course, Sheryl could barely focus on the assignment, since she was still angry about the whole costume thing.

"What's wrong?" asked Sheryl's mother, as she entered Sheryl's room with a plate of cookies.

"Our stupid principal won't let us dress up for Halloween!" Sheryl replied.

"Really?" Sheryl's mother placed the plate of cookies onto the desk, "If I remember correctly though, Robert loved dressing up for Halloween."

"Robert?" I asked.

"Oh, that's Mr. Black, your principal. We went to the same school back then, though we were never in the same classes." Sheryl's mother gave a shrug, "Well, I guess he grew out of it."

Sheryl pouted, "But now it should be my turn!"

"I know you were looking forward to this, sweetie," Mrs. Holmes patted Sheryl on the head, "But I'm sure your principal has a good reason for this."

Sheryl pouted again as her mother left the room.

The End

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