Costumes - Dressing Up

"What are you going as?" Sheryl asked me one morning before homeroom started. She was, of course, referring to the fun little policy that we had at our school here, where, as long as it wasn't anything too extravagant, we were allowed to come to school dressed up in costumes on Halloween.

I turned around to face her, since she sat behind me, and replied, "I'm probably not going to dress up."

Sheryl pouted, "C'mon! We're the After-School Detectives, at least come as a detective!" Then, with a sparkle in her eye, "Why don't you come as Watson? I'll be coming as-"

"Sherlock Holmes, I know. And no, I'm not coming in as your sidekick."

Sheryl pouted and tossed a piece of candy into her mouth.

As Sheryl was beginning to argue with me again, Ms. Grey, our homeroom teacher, walked in. She smiled and greeted the class before launching into the morning announcements, "As you all know, Halloween is a couple of days away, and I know that some of you were excited about being able to come to school in costume. However, Mr. Black, our new principal this year, has decided that costumes will not be allowed."

After hearing this, Sheryl jumped straight up and yelled, "What?! Why?!"

Without missing a beat, as if she had expected this, Ms. Grey said, "I am sorry, Sheryl. I know how excited you were about this, but Mr. Black has decided that it is not appropriate for a school to have this sort of policy. Not all of us agree, but he is our principal, so I'm sure that he has your best interests in mind. Now, take a seat, Sheryl, and let us continue."

Sheryl pouted and took her seat. Then, she wrote down something on a piece of paper and passed it to me. The note read 'The After-School Detectives are going to get to the bottom of this!!!'

The End

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