Candy Surprise - After-School Again

It was after-school, and as usual, I was walking towards the clubroom. What was unusual was that Samantha was standing outside of the clubroom, just leaning on the wall.

"Hi James," she said, with tears in her eyes.

"Hi Samantha... What's wrong?"

"Sheryl is in the clubroom, just sitting there," Samantha said, with tears welling up in her eyes, "I tried talking to her, but she didn't want to talk. Maybe you could go in there and try talking to her?"

"Yeah, I will." I handed Samantha a tissue.

"Thanks," Samantha said. She took the tissue from me and started wiping away the tears. "I'll wait here."

I opened the clubroom door and walked in to see Sheryl sitting on the table, staring outside the window at the blue sky. I closed the door and put my bag down. Then, I walked over and sat next to her on the table.

"Hi Sheryl."

"Hi James."

We both sat there in silence for a little while, reflecting on recent events.

Then, I started up again, "Sheryl, are-"

Suddenly, Sheryl grabbed my arm and placed on her forehead on my shoulder. Then, she started crying.

In between sobs, she said "I- I didn't mean to do- do that to her."

I sighed, in anger and in relief.

I placed my hand on the back her head, giving her a psuedo-hug. "I know, Sheryl, I know."

After that, we went to the principal. Sheryl explained what had happened and that she was the one that had uploaded the recording. Luckily, she only got a week of detention.

After the recording came out, Madeline's clique abandoned her and blamed the whole thing on her. Madeline was suspended for a month.

As for Franklin, I think he will be okay. The After-School Detectives brought over a box of Cara-Rolls, which he happily accepted and shared with us.

The End

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