Candy Surprise - Avoidance

Sheryl avoided me on Monday. She came in just as the bell rung for every class and ducked into the washroom between classes.

Finally, during lunch time, I was able to catch up with her in the hallway.

"Sheryl, did you-"

Just then Francine ripped open the Madeline's bag and dumped the contents out. "Get away from me, fatty lover!"

Madeline's former clique of bullies walked away with a few of them mockingly singing "fatty lover" as the Madeline picked up her things.

Then, she saw Sheryl.

She flashed a glare at Sheryl and started walking towards to us. However, the principal appeared in front of us. "Madeline, could you please come with me to my office?"

Madeline flashed another glare at Sheryl, but the principal intervened, saying sternly, "Now."

Madeline looked up into the angry face of our principal, and managed to mumble, "Yes sir."

The principal led the way and Madeline followed.

As the two disappeared from our sights, Sheryl ran off and ducked into the washroom again, avoiding me.

I sighed and walked off to eat my lunch, hoping that she would talk to me soon.

The End

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