Candy Surpise - A Commotion

The case was over. We gave Madeline the name of Franklin's favourite candy, and presumably she was going to give him a box, and then they'd go on a date, and then there would be a happy ending. You know, stuff like that.

Only, the case wasn't really over. Not yet.

It was at lunchtime on Friday, one or two days after we had given Madeline what she was looking for, when Sheryl and I heard a commotion behind us while walking down a hallway in our school.

We turned around to see a goo-covered Franklin sobbing as he ran past us.

"Oh, look at the fatty run!" a voice in the middle of the commotion yelled, as the others around it laughed.

The voice came from Madeline, and the laughter came from her clique.

"What just happened?" Sheryl pondered as she pushed through the crowd, with me following right behind her.

We reached the center, and saw Franklin's locker door left opened. On the floor nearby, was an open box of Cara-Rolls. Except that there weren't any Cara-Rolls inside. Instead, there was a spring-loaded trap that had already flung its goo at its intended target.

Sheryl walked over to the box and knelt down next to it, as if to get a better look, hoping that it wasn't what she thought it was. But it was.

Seeing Sheryl, Madeline smirked, "Oh look, it's the little detective."

Sheryl glared at her, "You did this to Franklin! You used us to bully Franklin!"

"Hey, hey!" A girl behind Madeline piped up. It was another popular girl named Francine. "Don't you dare go accusing Madeline now. What proof do you have that it was her that did this?"

"You came to us, asking us to find out what Franklin's favourite candy was, and now there's this disgusting trap in his locker! Of course it was you!"

Madeline smirked again, "I don't remember ever going to see you."

With that Madeline turned around and started walking away.

Sheryl stood up and was about to pounce on Madeline. So I grabbed her arm, hoping that was enough to stop her.

Sheryl turned around and glared at me, "Let go of me!"

I looked at her in the eyes, "Stop it, Sheryl. That won't help."

Sheryl continued glaring at me for a few more moments before calming down. Then, she asked me, "What have we done, James?"

The End

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