Candy Surprise - His Favourite Candy

We followed Franklin after-school the next day, and we watched as he went into the local candy store.

"This is our chance! All we have to do is see which candy he buys the most!" Sheryl started darting towards the store. "C'mon!"

She rushed into the store as I followed her in at walking pace.

Oh, and what a glorious store it was. There was candy everywhere. All sorts of candy from all over the world, just sitting on the shelves, waiting for a happy customer to buy them.

Unfortunately, we were here on official After-School Detectives business, so we focused our attention on Franklin and, sadly, not on the candy. We watched as he grabbed different types of candy off the shelves and put them into his cart, with no indication of which ones were his favourites.

"He's buying too much candy!" Sheryl whispered to me. "There's no way to tell which one he likes best!"

We continued watching Franklin for a few more minutes, to no avail. Then, I decided that we had to try another approach.

Calmly, I walked out of our hiding place and towards Franklin.

"What are you doing? Get back here, James!" Sheryl hissed at me from her hiding spot.

"Hi Franklin," I said to my classmate.

Franklin looked away from the shelves. "Oh, hey James, what's up?"

"Just looking for some good candy. Any recommendations?"

"Oh, well," He held up several boxes, "These are all pretty good."

"Hm, they do look pretty good, but I only have a couple of bucks, so I can really only buy one. Do you have a favourite?"

"Oh, then you got to go with these," He held up a box of Cara-Rolls, "These are my absolute favourite!"

"Hm, I guess I'll give them a try. Thanks, Franklin."

"No problem," Franklin gave me a happy smile, "See you at school tomorrow."

We parted ways and I walked back over to where Sheryl was.

"His favourite candy is Cara-Rolls."

"What?!" Sheryl exclaimed. "How did you find out?!"

"Well," I said, smirking a little, "I asked him."

The End

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