Vivaldi's Rosin - It's In Your Heart

"What do you mean, 'I already have it'?!" Matthew demanded.

We were in the clubroom again (Matthew, Sheryl, Samantha, and I) and I had just told Matthew what Mr. Brown had told us.

"As in, 'it's in your heart'," I replied, fairly upset that I even had to say such a line. "Mr. Brown meant that you could already play well."

Matthew clenched his hands into fists again. "But I-"

"Look," I interrupted him, "Why don't you play for us, and we can see if you have this legendary rosin or not."

Samantha nodded, and so did Sheryl, but her nod was an angry nod.


Matthew lifted up his violin case and placed it onto the table. He took out his bow and applied rosin to it. He took out his violin and tuned it. Then, when he was ready, he placed the violin between his head and his shoulder and started playing.

From his violin, a beautifully played song came out. For the few minutes that he played, the room was filled with wonderful music.

We sat there for a moment after he had finished playing.

Unable to hold back her mixture of anger and joy (because Matthew did play pretty well) any longer Sheryl exclaimed, "You're fine!"

"Really?" Matthew blushed a little.

"Yes, you were great!"

Samantha and I nodded in agreement.

Matthew blushed again. He put away his violin and headed towards the door, "Thanks guys! You really did find the legendary rosin for me!"

As soon as Matthew headed out of the room and the door had closed, Sheryl said, "Of course, it turns out that he can play beautifully already!"

"Isn't that a good thing?" asked Samantha.

"Aaaaah!" Sheryl buried her head in her arms and slumped onto the desk. "It is. But we were out there running around for the entire afternoon for nothing!"

Sheryl began telling Samantha what happened, and I left the two girls to their conversation.

Outside the clubroom, I sighed and said to myself, "How ridiculous."

The End

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