Vivaldi's Rosin - Mr. Brown

"Legendary rosin?" Mr. Brown looked at us with a puzzled look. Then, a light bulb went off in his head. "Oh! Did Matthew tell you about it?"

"Yeah! He told us that it was used by Vivaldi, and that it'd make your bow sparkle!" said Sheryl, excited that we were getting somewhere.

"Eh...," Mr. Brown looked at us with a puzzled look again, "All I said was that there was this legendary rosin that all violinists used."

Sheryl slammed her hands onto the table."Then how come we can't find it and no one else has heard of it?"

"Well..., you can't really find it."

Sheryl was taken aback by the comment, "What?"

I sighed and placed my head in my palm, "This is one of those 'it's already in your heart' things, isn't it?"

Mr. Brown sheepishly admitted it, "Yeah..."

"Why would you tell someone that?!" Sheryl demanded.

"Well, he's been hounding me for the past few weeks, trying to get me to tell him how to play better. I keep telling him that it's going to be fine, but he wouldn't listen, so I told him about the rosin. I figured that he would figure it out and get a confidence boost."

This became one of the rare times that Sheryl was completely speechless.

I thanked Mr. Brown for his time, and dragged a completely shocked Sheryl out of the classroom before she burst into anger.

The End

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