Annabell - Found

"Thank you both so much!" said Samantha's mother as we walked out of Ms. Sherwood's driveway, with Samantha happily carrying Annabell in her arms.

"No problem!" Sheryl gave her a dramatic thumbs up. "That's what we After-School Detectives do!"

Sure enough, the woman that Samantha saw take away Annabell was Ms. Sherwood. Ms. Sherwood had mistaken Annabell for her missing cat, Maxine, since the two looked nearly identical, especially when Annabell didn't have her collar on. When we arrived, Ms. Sherwood knew that something was wrong, since Annabell was jumping all the over place, as if in a strange new environment. Sheryl (enthusiastically) explained what was going on, and everyone ended up with the right cat.

We reached the bus stop, and Samantha and her mother turned to leave. Samantha, her usual bubbly self again, said to us, "Thanks, Sheryl! Thanks, Watson! See you two tomorrow!"

"It's Holmes!" said Sheryl at the same time that I said, "It's James!"

The End

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