Love Haiku - The Secret Admirer

"Hey Brett! Hold on." I said, getting Brett's attention when we were outside of the classroom after English class had ended.

"What's up, James?"

"We know you slipped that love letter into Virginia's locker," I said quietly.

Brett was taken aback. "What? How did you find out?"

"... You just read the exact same haiku in class."

"Right..." Brett regained his composure. "Well, what do you two want? Does she know? Are you going to blackmail me now?"

"What?" Sheryl said in surprise, "No, Virginia asked us to find out who you were so that she could meet you."

"Really?" Brett smiled excitedly.

"Yeah," I answered, "She'll be in our classroom at lunch to get an update, you two can meet then."

The End

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