Love Haiku - English Class

"So, did you finish your haiku?" I asked Sheryl the next day, as we headed into English class.

"Yeah, it was easy," she said, "I'm really proud of it!"

"Oh? Can I see it?"

"You'll hear it when Ms. White asks me to read mine," Sheryl said, giving me an excited smile.

And indeed, I did get to hear it since Ms. White, our English teacher, was asking everyone in the class to read their haiku. Sheryl was fourth in line, and here's her haiku:


Mysteries abound,

The world is full of puzzles.

I will solve them all!


I had to read mine too, of course, but I am slightly embarrassed by my haiku, so I won't delve into it. Say what you will about Sheryl's haiku, but at least it's sincere, unlike mine, which I wrote just to pass the assignment.

We spent the next half an hour or so listening to more haiku. Some were good, and some were bad.

Then, Brett, a classmate, got up to read his haiku:


Your blonde hair glistens.

Your blue eyes are like the stars.

You are beautiful.


Sheryl and I looked at each other as soon as we heard the haiku.

"That's the same haiku!" Sheryl whispered, since we were still in class. "Brett must be the one who put that letter in Virginia's locker!"

The End

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