After-School Detectives - Let's Get Started

Seventh-grader Sheryl Holmes loves mysteries, and she's decided to start a new club after-school dedicated to solving mysteries. Dragging her friend, James, into the club, the After-School Detectives help their classmates solve their problems and their mysteries.

Note: This is a re-envisioning of my other series, Sheryl Holmes' 221B Baker Detective Agency, and the two are in different continuities.

"I deem thee Watson!"

I turned around to face the girl sitting at the desk behind me. The girl was Sheryl Holmes. We had met in the first grade, and ever since then, we were what one would call friends. Giving her a curious stare, I asked the only question that could be asked, "What?"

"I'm going to start a detective agency, so you should be the Watson to my Holmes."

I raised an eyebrow at her suggestion. Ever since she was little, Sheryl's dad had been reading mystery stories to her, so that was probably what brought this on, "Your dad's been reading you mystery stories again?"

"Nope, I read them myself," she beamed proudly. "And from now on, call me Holmes!"

"... No."

"W- Why?!"

"Just because you two share the same surname doesn't mean that you're anything like Sherlock Holmes."

"... fine, but I'm still calling you Watson!"

"No, Sheryl, please don't."

"Waaaatson," she said, with a playful tone in her voice.

I gave up and sighed. At this moment, our seventh grade teacher, Ms. Grey, entered the classroom and greeted the class, sparing me from any more of Sheryl's usual craziness.

The class listened as Ms. Grey rambled through the morning announcements (well, it felt rambling to me, at least). When she was done, Sheryl started up her usual craziness again. Standing up in a dramatic fashion, Sheryl declared, "Ms. Grey, I have an announcement."

Although taken aback, Ms. Grey recomposed herself quickly and allowed it, "Sure, go ahead, Sheryl."

Oh no, this can't be good.

Sheryl walked up to the front of the classroom. Proudly, she said, "I would like to announce that me and Watson are going to be starting a mystery solving club after-school. So come to us if you have anything you need solving!"

The class sat in silence at the strange announcement. It was a while before someone thought to ask, "Who's Watson?"

"Oh!" Sheryl pointed at me, "That's James' new nickname."

Sitting in my seat, the only thing that I could do was shake my head as Sheryl happily (and oblivious to the stares from the rest of the class) headed back to her seat.

After Sheryl had sat down, Ms. Grey got up and smiled to the class, "Alright class, let's flip open our textbooks to page ninety-seven."

The End

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