Tears and fears.

Night faded away to morning.  Still sitting in her bed, her intuition made the move to go to the spare bedroom.  Plain brown boxes were stacked neatly and in one corner, was a small white plastic bag with a hospital label on it.  Items fell to the floor as she upturned the bag and emptied it; an old lipstick, some old bits of makeup, a few boxes of plasters and bandages and a few crumpled pieces of paper.

She looked at the pile and in her eyes saw nothing that would satisfy the nagging thought that she desperately cared for.  With a heavy sigh, item by item, the plastic bag was refilled until her fingers brushed a single piece of scrunched up paper.  

As her fingers brushed it, she withdrew her hand quickly, staring at the faded piece of paper laying on the floor.  Time slowed down as she continued to look at it; the more she stared at it, the more her intuition screamed at her to open it, to open the faded piece of papers with two words written on it; 'I'm sorry'.  The demons in her mind stopped their battle with her to watch what she would do; all around her, silence and calmness were her only companions. 

With trembling fingers, her hand clasped the faded piece of paper and she gently opened it like a delicate flower, her eyes gazing upon his writing; his words that he wrote to her.

Tears trickled down her face, her bottom lip trembling, her hands trembling as she read his words.  Doubt filled her mind, a vast black entity that completely wiped out her inner demons in a single swipe left her mind empty - questions began to form in her mind like bright stars and there, in the centre of her mind was him.  Hope flooded her body, her heart quickened and inside, she screamed with excitement that her intuition, her mother's intuition was right to listen to that little nagging thought at the back of her mind.

But reality struck her to the floor, for even though her intuition was right; it still didn't bring him back to her.  She was so close, so close to reach out and touch him; yet so far away that she still couldn't hold him.

A loud sound echoed through the house - she jumped with fear and shock and realised it was the door bell.  Walking down the stairs, she glanced at clock hanging on the wall above the mantle piece; 3.30 pm.

The End

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