Battles continued to be fought between her and her inner demons, everyday they were insistent on making their appearance known to her, making her convinced that she was all to blame.  The drugs and sleeping tablets did little to quell her demons; rather, making them stronger and more determined to spar against her.

Days, weeks, months passed by and so did the seasons.  Autumn came, leaves falling gently down to the earth, littering the paths and roads with varying shades of brown.  The sky was overcast and grey and often brought the rain with it.  

Slowly, winter took centre stage and brought with it the cold, the frost and the snow.  She would sit in her usual chair opposite the mantle piece, watching children outside play in the snow and build snowmen.  Memories of her and her son doing the exact same thing floated to the surface, and when she remembered; a tear at the corner of her eye formed, gently trickling down the side of her face.

Spring was born from winter and so was new life - everywhere there were signs of new life forming and she felt a heavy pang in her heart to see mothers walk pass her house with their children in prams.  Spring gradually flowed into summer and everyday the sun hang in the middle of bright blue sky, with a wisp of cloud sauntering past it.  

The cycle of the seasons repeated itself over and over, and as ever - she sat in her chair at 3.30 pm waiting for him to come through the door.  The clock hanging above the mantle piece passing the time away, displaying no emotion - just a cold face.

Over time, she become aware of a thought niggling at the back of her mind, the sensation she felt at the hospital; the feeling of his hand on hers, the feeling of something being placed under her hand.  Her inner demons ignored it, but something made her click and she latched onto the thought - caressing it and caring for it.  

Her instincts told her this was real, not an illusion conjured up by her demons to trick and weaken her; it felt all too real to ignore.  Her intuition told her to look through the bag from the hospital, something had to be there for her to explain this sensation she kept feeling.

The End

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