The sequel to 'That day...'
A mother loses her son after an accident, will he return to her?

She lay in the hospital bed, looking at all the tubes and machines connected to her.  Outside her room she could hear people chatting and nurses walking past, going about their rounds.

The regular beep of the machines pierced the silence for a brief moment, before all was quiet in her room again.

What happened that day was still unclear to her; who collided with who, was the other driver okay?  She didn't know the answers, nor did she want to know them.  All that she remembered was that she was looking at her son right before the accident, and now she wanted to know where her son was.

Visitors came and left, days and weeks passed and yet no one would answer her about where her son was.  Each night, she stared up at the ceiling hoping that the next morning he would walk through the door and hug her - but no such thing happened.

She looked over to the chair next to her bed and could only see a jumper laying there, belonging to him.  She constantly asked herself why he left her and she couldn't shake the feeling that he had visited her when she was in a coma.

Looking at her hand, the sensation of someone touching it, caressing it and placing something underneath it was real to her and it was a sensation that she could not shake off easily.

A deep sadness filled her heart for her son was gone.  Her very son that she cared for, looked after when he was ill, had disappeared.  Any mother would feel devastated if their only son vanished; but to her, a piece of her heart was ripped out from her chest.

The End

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