Last Gasp

Funny how the world ended.

What's even funnier is how no-one even seems to care.

Today they go about their business. The women are chatting with each other as they line up at the water tower for their daily ration of water.. The men are just about to go out the gates to go scrounging for food, they heard that there was am old petrol station that still had chips. Their discussing strategy and the like as they get their gear from the amory. And finnally, on the wall of refuse that we ourselves have built to keep the Killers outside, two sentrymen are stnding gaurd. They have the shift today as one is too old to be of any use, and the other is too young and idealistic.

Idealism can get you killed these days.

I still find it funny. Every day this same routine is carried out, or one like it, and no-one seems to care that this is all so pointless.

Humanity is in its last gasp. Little or no water makes food of all sorts scarce so we are forced to go looking for food from the ruins of our ancestors.

Perhaps that's why we do it, the routine that is. We can all see our end has come, but, desperatly, we want to avoid looking the truth in the face. This could only lead to the madness that has forced us to build our walls.

The End

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