The Rising BeastMature

Elias stared out the small living room window, it was night time, the only people outside were drunks and people rushing home from work.
“Are you worried they'll fine us?” Kat asked from where she had flopped onto the sofa surrounded by cushions. She regularly hid here, same as Elias while Dmitriy and Noel spent a lot of time upstairs. Unfortunately Elias had good enough hearing to know how close they had become.

“Tymildra, one of my sisters showed up unannounced. It won't be hard for her to figure out its location if Nicholae asks her,” Elias said. That was if she chose to co-operate with Nicholae. Elias severely doubted this much time had passed without Nicholae doing something to aggravate her. There was no way Nicholae was in her good books enough for her to give up the information.
“Well, if we hold out a few more days we can move on. Or alternatively stay here because after this length of time Tymildra might assume we've moved somewhere further away. Or if you have the money, rent a flat,” Kat strings off suggestions with one hand before looking up to meet Elias's gaze.

“What?” she asked with force when he didn't say anything.
“Sorry,” he said with a small laugh. “Just forgot how clever you were,” he added. She raised an eyebrow at him.
“Thanks, I think,” she murmured. They heard movement upstairs and voices, the other two were coming downstairs.
“Making dinner,” Noel yelled through the walls as she walked to the kitchen. Kat got up and paused at the doorway.

“Stop worrying so much. You've done a lot. If Nicholae finds us can't you just use your status to stop him hurting anyone?” Kat asked. Elias had considered it more than once. He could head back to Sky Valley now and lay out his demands, there wouldn't be a lot he could do. But if Nicholae really wanted Noel gone, he would find ways around Elias. And worse, he wouldn't believe Elias was really on his side anymore.
“Let's hope it doesn't come to that,” he finally said, motioning for her to go eat with the others. The thought of food reminded him he hadn't left since they'd come here, he'd be too worried he'd come back to an empty house if he left to feed. But he couldn't put it off forever, otherwise he'd become the danger.

“Bugger,” he heard Noel say in the next room. He frowned and headed towards the kitchen and met the smell half-way. Noel had cut herself somehow he realised. He moaned and backed away. He heard footsteps, someone had heard him.
“Elias, Are you okay?” Kat asked then she saw him covering his mouth and nose and raced back to the kitchen. He heard water running and then the sound of windows being opened. The wind was not their favour as it blew the smell to him even more.
Elias moved forward against his will, feeling bloodlust rise he couldn't control as he rounded the kitchen corner. Noel had only caught her finger but it was enough to drive Elias near insane.

“Elias, go outside,” Kat said the moment she saw him, throwing her body in front of Noels. Hiding the sight of blood helped a little.
“I can't-” He didn't finish the sentence as Dmitriy barrelled him to the ground and wrestled him to the front door. He didn't put up much of fight. He was dumped outside the front door and fresh air filled his sense.
“Dammit,” he muttered, burying his head in his hands. He stood and left, after that he definitely needed to hunt.

The End

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