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Kat glanced over her shoulder at Dmitriy and Noel. The two of them were walking close together as they headed for wherever Elias was taking them. Thinking of him, she looked up at him as inconspicuously as possible. He looked deep in thought. She went back to looking at the ground.

"Would you still like to burn me?" he asked her, glancing over.

A small smile tugged at her lips. "Not at this particular moment."

"Good," he said, seeming genuinely relieved.

"Why good?" she enquired.

"Just... good that you trust me."

"Who's to say I trust you?" she challenged light-heartedly, even though she knew she did.

He looked at her with a smirk on his lips. "You would not be entrusting me with your brother's safety if you didn't."

"That's true. Noel is the one who can't protect herself in this though," she said, more to herself than him.

He lowered his voice slightly. "You care about her."

"Dmitriy cares about her. I know what it would do to him if she was killed."

"I can hear you, Kat," Dmitriy called from behind them.

"I'm aware of that," she replied.

Kat heard Noel say, "What were they talking about?"

She grinned to herself when Dmitriy didn't reply to her.

"We're nearly there," Elias said after a few minutes.

Not long later, he stopped outside a normal-looking terraced house. He walked up to the door, glancing around them, and unlocked the door. He ushered them in and locked it again behind them.

Kat walked into the living room because the hallway was cramped. It wasn't huge; there was a two-seater sofa in front of a fireplace, a standing lamp in the corner of the room and a small bookshelf. There was a door beside the bookshelf, which she assumed led to the kitchen as, in the hallway, there was only a set of stairs that led upstairs.

Thankfully there was wood in the fireplace. It was the first thing she walked over to. She knelt in front of it and watched the fire start. She smiled and called Dmitriy over.

"What is it?" he asked as he walked to her.

"Sit," she commanded, pointing at the spot beside her.


"Because you were in the cold for a long time and I don't want you getting sick," she said, shooting him a look that made him sit down.

"Djinns catch colds too?" Noel asked, finding it funny.

Ekaterina looked over her shoulder at the other girl. "We can die from being subjected to cold for too long. It's not something we're designed for."

Noel's face fell. "I... didn't know."

Kat shrugged and turned back to the fire. "You wouldn't have."

The End

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