Meeting the LocalsMature

Tymildra studied the crowded hall, searching for one person in particular.
“What sort of foll doesn't attend his own party,” she muttered darkly to herself. This trip to visit her irritating brother was turning into something less than successful. She needed Elias on her side as much as she hated it. Anya had a soft spot for the twerp, and Tymildra needed to see her. A reveal? The idea was ridiculous and had to be stopped.
She had no intention of dealing with hordes of humans with stakes.
“Ancient, you are looking most tonight ravishing tonight,” someone said to her side. She glanced to her side and saw it was one of the lords. He had a skinny form and was just taller than her but that didn't mean he wasn't a potential asset.
“Venomous too, so I hope you have more to say to me than what is obvious,” Tymildra said.

“Oh I do. The name's Montgomery. Me and a few others share your doubts about our current leader. And while I hold the utmost respect for Elias, I think his judge of character is diminished compared to others within these walls.” His deceitful words were like music to Tymildra's ears.
“If you manage, somehow, to overcome a certain someone. You will gain my support and the power that comes with my position,” Tymildra replied and she watched a big grin break across his features.
“But,” she continued, gaining his immediate attention.

“Mess up, and I will drive the final nail in your coffin. Understood?” she finished. She saw his skin had grown paler and her smile grew wider. He gulped and fiddled with his collar.
“Well, I guess that means we have to get this right,” he stated, rather pointlessly Tymildra thought. Montgomery left to speak to some others, she knew the other was called McLachin, were they working together then? It wouldn't surprise her.
She left her perch and found the woman attached to Nicholae. At least based on whispers she was.
“Aren't you just a pretty little thing,” Tymildra said to herself. Silena stopped her conversation abruptly and the other party left.
“Considering your sire I find it odd that you converse with mutts,” Tymildra said with one perfectly manicured eyebrow.

“Can I help you ancient one?” she said, giving a small curtsy by way of greeting. Tymildra bowed her head in return. At least this one had proper manners and respect unlike her master.
“Yes actually, explain to me how you've managed to put up with Nicholae for so long,” Tymildra said, taking her arm in hers. They started walking and Tymildra saw Silena hesitation to answer. She supposed she had been forward, but decent female companionship was so hard to find nowadays. Humans had become so vulgar, girls in trousers? Or worse the thin strips of materiel they called skirts. It was unsightly.
“I haven't had to put up with him all the time. We've spent periods of time apart,” Silena replied, her voice seemed strained by the memory. Tymildra didn't know much of the turning process, she'd never personally sired someone. But she had heard tales.
“It must have been quite painful being separated from him for such a long time,” Tymildra said. Silena's eyes jumped to hers.

“I never said it was a long time,” she defended and Tymildra gave a half-hearted laugh.
“You didn't need to. I can recognise longing. But you're clearly still in pain. So maybe he is more than a sire to you,” Tymildra commented. Silena stopped walking and pulled her arm from Tymildra.
“I don't think that's any of your concern, ancient,” the last word could've been spat out and Tymildra found her amusement growing.
“You are the oddest pair I think I've ever met. Your dislike for me is only rivalled by Nicholae's dislike of you.” She saw the blow hit and left. Oh well, so much for a female companion. But having someone she could easily push down was fun too. She found her way to Montgomery and whispered in his ear. Male company was always more enjoyable anyway.

The End

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