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“How long are we going to stay here?” Noel asked, her eyes studying the half rubble place they were hiding in. Cold air was blowing through constantly and Noel had no choice but to wear her coat all the time. She turned her head to see Dmitriy thinking on the bed. Though he was fully clothed now.
“I don't know. Kat might try to find us and tell us what's going on. At the moment Nicholae has a death warrant over your head,” Dmitriy. Noel knew that should scare her, but she was more worried that their leaving might have left Kat in danger.
“Who is he? And what,” Noel asked, she might as well learn as much as she can about the supernatural civilization living in the abandoned mall.

“He's the current leader, no-one really elected him. But he's found a way of stopping lycans from turning. And he's a vampire,” Dmitriy answered. Noel had to raise an eyebrow of respect at his ability.
“There must be a lot of lycans pissed about that,” Noel stated. Dmitriy laughed and nodded.
“Yeah, I'm pretty sure there'll be an uprising soon. It's safer to be here than there right now,” he said. Noel looked out the blown-out window. This place must've originally caught fire but the owners never restored it. Just left it to rot. Her fingers twitched for a pen and some paper. Never had so many ideas been flinging round her head. She needed to note them down, see how she could in-corporate them into her story.
“But if this vampire leader wants me dead, won't they eventually track us down? What if they're making Kat do it?” Noel asked, that worry stirring again about Kat's safety. She saw Dmitriy hesitate before he rose from the bed.

“You shouldn't be worrying about me or Kat. And trust me, Kat wouldn't break, no matter what they tried,” Dmitriy replied with a grin.
“That doesn't change the fact that they could be hurting her,” Noel said, her voice wavering into the realms of panic. Noel hadn't even liked Kat when they'd first met, she'd practically bullied her. But over time it had changed and now she can't imagine just standing by while something happened to her.
“Maybe I should go back. Maybe if I chose to, they'll re-consider things and-”
“No! no way in hell,” Dmitriy interrupted, catching her face in his hands and holding his beautiful red eyes to hers.

“Yeah, that'd be pretty dumb, especially as extra help just arrived.” Noel recognised the slow drawl of her voice and smiled.
“Thank god,” Noel breathed before pulling Kat into a hug. She felt Kat resisting it and pulled away.
“Sorry,” Noel said, wondering why it made her so uncomfortable.
“It's fine,” Kat said, a half smile on her confused face. Noel turned her atteention to the stranger behind her. He was tall and lanky in appearance, but obviously strong if he came from the mall like her.
“Hi,” she said warily.
“Hi,” he replied, sounding a lot more at ease. When no else spoke Noel looked at them all in turn. Dmitriy looked shocked by the guy.
“Right, who are you then? Since no one's telling me?” Noel asked, making him laugh.
“My name is Elias, I don't agree with Nicholae choice of handling the situation. I know somewhere we should be safe,” Elias explained.

“Does it have central heating?” Noel asked, though she really wanted to ask what he was.
“Yes,” He replied with a knowing smile. Maybe he could read thoughts and knew she was sick of the cold? Or it could've been easily figured out, Noel didn't know.
“Good, let's go,” Noel said.
“Whoa, wait a second. How am I supposed to know this isn't just some trap? You are his right-hand man afterall,” Dmitriy stepped in, taking Noel's hand and putting himself between her and the guy.
“If you know that much, then you should also know I hate the idea of killing humans,” Elias replied. Dmitriy considered this and then turned his back to him to look at Noel.
“This is up to you, I don't one-hundred per-cent know if we can trust him. But Kat wouldn't of brought if she didn't,” he said. Noel blinked, she had just said okay a second ago. Though the knowledge he was close to the guy that wanted to kill her was giving her second thoughts. She attacked her lip and glanced over Dmitriy shoulder at him.

“You came into the coffee shop the same night I decided to check out the mall,” Noel realised. Elias nodded silently. She remembered how he'd been genuinely concerned when he'd asked how she was.
“Okay, we'll go with you,” Noel decided. Elias led the way.

The End

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