Elias' SecretMature

Tymildra studied his outline carefully, seeing the tension in his muscles. She found his taking a throne most amusing. Though there was no one in the room at this moment, for a powerful vampire, Nicholae seemed oblivious to his surroundings at the moment. Too stuck in his own thoughts she thought with amusement.
“I was going to wait for Elias to give us a proper introduction,” She began, leaving the shadows to approach him. He looked up, his eyes wary instantly. She twirled the fancy umbrella on her shoulder a little before looking up to meet his dark gaze.
“But I hadn't expected you to look so...impressive,” She breathed the last word with a seductive smile. She waited for him to respond, to show the usual fixation with her that every man had. Instead he watched her with an unimpressed expression.
“When Elias returns, I will ask him why he let you in,” Nicholae said, standing up and leaving his throne. Brushing past her without a second glance. Tymildra felt anger boil and turned to watch his back.

“It's foolish to insult a stranger, especially one more powerful than you,” She said, her fists wrought with enough anger to tear at the pristine, white gloves she wore. Nicholae turned, no doubt some smart line on his lips, but Tymildra interrupted him. She watched him choke in horror and try hopelessly to shield his face. It wouldn't make any difference. Tymildra was the mistress of illusion, her lone gift when she was amongst the first to go through the change. She upped the intensity and watched with delirious pleasure as his knees buckled under him.
“You should respect the ancients, child,” She spat the last word and lifted the illusion, watching as relief, confusion and then anger flooded his face.
“What did you-!”
“You may be old enough to survive some of the sunlight. But I can easily throw you back to your early days, when the slightest touch burned worse than fire. Remember that,” Tymildra explained, her voice cold.

“Tymildra. Elias told me a little about you,” He said and Tymildra grinned. Knowing she was about to receive some attempts at apology with compliments. It was an eventuality when he realised her true identity.
“He said you were a complete airhead and a spoilt brat. Having met you, I can only agree.” Tymildra's eyes widened and she growled her fangs at him.
“Elias isn't the only one with Anya's ear,” Tymildra murmured. Nicholae shrugged. Tymildra sniffed and watched him with disdain.
“You're lucky she's off in Scotland, handling some personal matter. Were she hear of your disrespect I've no doubt she'd put you through worse than a mere illusion-”
“You just degraded your own ability. Which is only right, Elias can actually inflict true pain at least,” Nicholae jumped in. Tymildra glared at him, she didn't appreciate the disruptions.
“Ignorant. We can all do that parlour trick. Elias doesn't have a unique ability,” Tymildra explained, annoyance infecting her voice.

“Oh?” Nicholae asked, genuine interest sparking in his dark eyes.
“Well, he did have amazing control when we first turned. While we all struggled not to kill, he was fine. But over the years we learned control. Elias, seemed to do the opposite and lose it. Yet he insists on protecting humans, rather dumb, yes? If Elias were to see a bleeding wound before him? That human wouldn't live very long,” Tymildra laughed harshly and saw something like concern on Nicholae's face. She didn't get a chance to cause more trouble as he swiftly turned and left. She frowned, finding his absence of a farewell very rude.

The End

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