Silena was no longer able to sleep after she had woken from her nightmare.

She paced around the boutique, rays of moonlight slicing her face through the shutters, locking her in privacy. Total darkness wasn't a problem for her, her vampire eyes saw perfectly, centring on the prisms of light within the jewellery that hung around her. She sat on the chaise, pressed against the mirror wall, wearing a white negligee that she'd procured in Paris in the 70's (1870's, that is.) Her dark hair was pulled up, away from her neck, the pinpoint scars there aching familiarly. Her eyes stung with remnants of her nightmare, like the burn of stepping into sunlight at first morning. She'd almost forgotten what that felt like...

Quickly, she decided that she couldn't remain in her room. She would drive herself mad, reliving the images over and over. She needed to preoccupy herself, but what was there to do? Nicolae had practically abjured her, and thinking of him made it seem as if somebody had driven a stake into her gut, knowing it wouldn't kill her, but doing it to make her suffer. Hatred rose in her veins for him, he was so stupid. All she wanted was to assist, why did he think that her intentions were nothing more than ulterior?

I will save him, and then he can eat crow.

Striding with purpose, she bent down at the shutters and lifted them with a strength that would have taken three men to accumulate. She knew exactly where to go, Lilian had told her. Lilian, she wondered if she was friends with the wolf. Silena had not exactly shared her life with the girl, yet they spent most days together, not even to talk about the plotted revolution. The girl was nice... but she was a tool, nonetheless. A tool for Silena to prove her worth to her Maker.


She walked through the centre, past the endless rows of lots where residents slept, arranged like in zoos. She went as quickly as she could, shaking her nightmare from her head.

"Nic...what are you doing here? You shouldn't be here, not tonight. It isn't - Nic! Are you alright?"


"God in heaven...what are you? Stay away - no - NO!"

She came to a halt, falling against a shutter that rattled under her weight, calming herself and using the restraint taught to her to continue on her way.

She came to where the revolution's leader was living. Compared to her decorations, the place seemed like squalor. He shared with some other creatures, their beds marked by piles of cloth and scattered possessions. In the middle was a fire that no longer needed to worry about triggering the sprinkler system. As Silena stood at the threshold of the lot, she heard a skittering sound, like somebody moving frantically to hide. A smile quirked on her lips, she was still feared after all these years. The moment her foot passed into the lot, he appeared, marking his territory.

"Leave this place, vampire," he spat, stepping into the fire's light, his yellow eyes gleaming hatefully at her.

Silena stood proud. "You ought not to call me that. I might consider you a cretin, but do I say it? No,"

"I don't care what you think of us," he said. Silena searched for his name, Kaito was it? "You don't think I actually trust you, do you? You're one of them." There was a fury in his eyes that made Silena realise. As much as she hated Nic now, for as long as her heart remained in her chest, beating or not, she would not hate him as much as this man.

"Think what you want of me as well," Silena shrugged. She pulled the pins from her dark hair and let it fall down. She'd realised after so many years that it framed her red eyes enough to make her less frightening. "I only want to help."

He scoffed, folding his arms and smirking whilst in the corners of the room, other residents slinked into the open. "How can you possibly help us?"

She'd been thinking on this for a while, and she couldn't deny her plan was perfect. "The weapon that Nicolae possesses. I'm right to assume that if it is destroyed, the lycan and other children of the moon will be able to transform,"

"That's right,"

"And they're the only ones with a chance of overthrowing him. I should know. In the years that my circle have travelled alongside Nicolae's, he's enjoyed killing many things, but with lycan...he hesitates,"

"So you know what it is?"

"Yes," she nodded, "and I can deliver it to you very easily. It is right in front of you, but only the one who knows Nicolae well enough, as I do, could recognise it." Her heart ached when she remembered that day, the day that that horrible device had been made, the day his power-lust had begun and her Nic had died.

She wished a hundred deaths on the one who had given it to him.

Kaito walked towards her hesitantly. As she felt his energy, she was puzzled. She couldn't put her finger on what he was. He was of the night, she knew that, his spirit was more alive than the whole of Sky Valley put together.

"Are you being sincere? You would betray your own kind to help bring equality?"

"Most certainly, I would. But to do it, there's going to have to be a change in our...relationship..."

Though he didn't understand, they shared a look of what he thought was alliance, and began to smile.

The End

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