The Girl Who Wouldn't BowMature

Elias watched from the shadows as the two locked briefly in passion. He had to admit he'd always treated the boy with a certain level of suspicion. Elias made a point of keeping note of those who were opposed to Nicholae. The girl settled against a pillar with a contented sigh. Then her expression twisted with a mix of worry and anger. Elias figured now was as good a time to announce himself.
“You look distressed,” Elias said, leaving the darkness. He saw her tease with wariness instantly and chose to ignore it. Walking over to sit next to her. Glad he'd thought to bring a whole bottle of whiskey. He had a feeling it might help him do what Nicholae wanted.
“Which is odd based on your previous actions,” he continued. Well aware of the distaste she was mentally throwing his way.

“It's rude to spy,” she spat, her face twisted into a glare.
“I wasn't spying. I merely figured it would prove embarrassing for me to appear at that point,” Elias defended. She huffed with disbelief and turned her gaze away from him.
“Are you wondering about your brother? He is your brother right?” Elias asked, truthfully he didn't know much about the djnn here.
“Dmitriy is none of your concern. Go away,” she said, refusing to meet his eyes now.
“Most would fear talking to an ancient like that,” Elias commented, a smile tugging his lips.
“I'm not most people,” she retorted.
“No, you're not,” Elias replied. He saw her eyebrows shift in confusion and she sent him a look across her shoulder, studying him carefully.
“What do you want?” she asked.
“Nicolae wants the human tracked down and killed,” Elias replied and he heard her intake of breath.

“Then we have nothing to talk about,” she said. Moving to stand up. Elias quickly followed suit and grabbed her wrist. She pulled away sharply and cradled her wrist against her chest as if it had been stung.
“Don't touch me,” she growled. Elias could feel the temperature rise and raised n eyebrow.
“Not to be funny. But do you really think fire will kill me?” Elias asked. Afterall, everyone knew it was impossible to kill an ancient. It wasn't as if Elias hadn't tried every trick in the book at some point or other.
“No, but it'll hurt,” she bit back, making Elias laugh.
“You didn't ask my intentions you know,” Elias said. The djinn's eyes narrowed slightly.
“And I should trust any words you speak because?” she asked.
“I guess you have no reason too. But I'm not one for killing. Don't have the stomach for it really,” Elias replied, holding both hands up by his sides hopelessly. The girl gave something close to laugh and rolled her eyes.

“I've never heard of an ancient that didn't drink from humans,” she said.
“Well, now you have,” Elias replied with a grin. “And I've never come across a djinn who was so...blunt with an ancient,” he continued.
“I'm blunt with everyone,” she pointed out.
“Then I will echo that. I don't want to hurt the human girl. But I do need to ensure she has my protection, otherwise Nicholae will surely finish the job himself,” Elias said. The girl studied him as he spoke. Her eyes still burning with weariness.
“Fine...follow me,” she said, “And if you're lying. I'll burn you,” she added. Elias laughed again. Enjoying the company of this stranger who was so happy to insult him, regardless of who he was.

The End

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