The Residents of Sky ValleyMature

Noel starred round her apartment, finding the idea of making herself dinner off-putting. She didn't understand this reaction. She even attempted fleetingly to write more of her novel. But it just reminded her of all the conversation she had shared with him. Yes, Dmitriy had been a nice guy, but she'd never had the intention of falling for him. She knew the heartache nearly always associated with such a thing. And Kat, she wondered if she was okay. She worried for both of them as she watched the snow falling heavy in a flurry outside. With more bravery than she thought she had Noel grabbed her coat and walked the route she had walked just a few days ago. 

She remembered the harsh words sent her way, but she didn't care. She was going to help them. Her phone went and she knew it'd be the publishing company again. It'd been ringing for the past few days. Finally, someone was interested in her book. But she wouldn't have a hope of completing it without attempting some kind of reconciliation. She suddenly realised as she walked that having Dmitriy tell her no or yes might be all she needed to get on with her life. She'd still worry for them no doubt. But hearing one of those words would let her move on. Unless it was a yes, which she severely doubted.
She saw the outline of the abandoned mass before her. Icicles clung to the overhanging and snow blocked up the main entrance. Noel decided to circle the building and see if there was a side-entrance. She found a smashed in window and stepped inside. The crunching of snow under he feet much louder now. She shivered against the cold and something else she couldn't name.

“What do we have here?” A male voice said. Something about the slow and languid way with which he spoke raised her heart rate. She didn't sense good intentions within those words. The man stepped out of the darkness and into the pale light given off by the moon. She had expected someone covered in rags and instead she was faced with this finely dressed man.
“I'm just here to see if my friends are okay,” she said. Hoping he'd let her go.
“And who would they be? Some girlfriend who wandered in here for a dare?” the man asked, sarcasm etching his voice. As if he were making fun of her. Noel narrowed her eyes.
“They live here. If you can call this a place of residence,” Noel replied. Echoing the coldness in his voice. He seemed taken aback by that and smiled. But it wasn't a pleasant one.
“You shouldn't insult my home little human,” he replied. Closing the distance between them far quicker than anyone should've been able to do. Noel stepped back and came up against a wall. She tried to escape the cage his arms made by her sides and couldn't. It was like his muscle were made of steel and she had no hope of moving them. She felt a cool breath of air fall over her throat and for the craziest second she thought about the vampires she wrote off. She quickly told the thought to go away. Vampires couldn't actually exist.

“Get the hell away from her!” she recognised the voice and with more strength than she thought she had she pushed the man away and turned to run towards it. She felt strong arms wrap around her and breathed in the familiar sent.
“She's a human and knows too much. It's my duty to kill her.” it would've sounded noble except for the sadistic smile staining his features.
“How about you find a new duty to fulfil,” Dmitriy threw back, but the man simply chuckled and continued slowly approaching. Then fire leaped to life on his cloths and he yelped, trying to pat out the flames licking closer to his skin. Then just as suddenly as they began, they stopped.

“I repeat, get the hell away,” Dmitriy said and Noel looked up to see how tight his jaw was clenched. The man spat something in a foreign language and left.
“Are you okay?” Dmitriy asked, looking down at Noel who was still wrapped in his embrace.
“I...did you do that?” she asked.
“Do what?” he asked with a nervous laugh. Dmitriy was an extremely bad liar.

The End

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