Deceptive SiblingsMature

Elias knew it was pointless to reason with Nicholae, judging by his glare he'd be mad at him for some time now.
“Nicholae, you would've regretted it,” Elias said. Nicholae made a distasteful noise in the back of his throat and left. Elias made the calculated decision to stay away from Sky Valley for the night. He found his way into the town, bustling with human pulses and laughter. The world had changed a lot since the days he'd been a human boy. Before he hit adolescence and realised the father that had disappeared before he was born had never even been human. Ancients were the result of demons and humans. But demons grew bored and returned to wherever they came from. Leaving the few scattered ancients alone with no clue what they were. Elias shook away his memory's and continued walking, eventually picking a quiet coffee shop.

“What can I get you?” A tired voice asked, “Also the shops closes in an hour,” she added. Elias nodded and ordered a tea. Not really tasting it as he drank. He looked at the women carefully. She had the kind of dark bags under her eyes that told you something bad had recently happened. A relationship ended, a relative died. How fleeting human lives were, and yet they managed to stuff so much drama and life into them. It was why he spent so many years drawn to them. But watching them die got too much. But he could never stay in the company of the other ancients, they were hardened from their lives and he refused to let himself turn cold and sharp-tongued like them.
“You okay?” He asked and the women looked up, startled by the question. Or maybe it was the gravity behind it that told her he meant it seriously.

“Nothing a stranger should worry about,” she replied with a small, forced laugh. Elias doubted that but didn't push the subject. He finished his drink and stood up.
“I hope the issue resolves itself,” He threw over his shoulder as the little bell tinkled, signalling his leave. He thought he could smell salty tears as the door closed but ignored it. He hadn't used his abilities over another vampire in a long time, he'd never wanted to. But Nicholae was about to do something dumb. He just hoped it didn't bring anything with it.
“I sensed immense anger tonight,” A soft, female voice said behind it, one he recognised straight away.
“Tymildra,” He said in response and she sent him a fanged smile, her smooth auburn hair falling in precise waves.
“Nice to see you again, Elias,” She replied, her words still rolling with her European accent. It wouldn't be one a human of today would be able to identify since the country she'd been born in had been destroyed many millennia ago and become parts of new ones. She moved to walk, he followed a footstep behind, not trusting her in the slightest.
“What are you doing here?” he asked. Aware she would most likely only give him a half-truth.

“I needed a change of scenery. Prague grew boring far too quickly. Though there were some tasty young men there,” She murmured the last part, her eyes already getting distracted by the humans passing them.
“So why here? This a boring town about to experience winter. Hardly your usual choice of location,” Elias said and she chuckled.
“I guess I have become predictable. Fine, you drew it from me. I'm interested in this revealing business,” She replied, turning to face him.
“Then why didn't you ask to oversee it for the ancients?” Elias asked. He volunteered, but knew if another had wanted to, he would've been brushed aside. The majority of his half siblings held him in contempt. Not wanting to understand the black sheep.
“Because Anya had no right to take control and ask for the volunteer. She thinks herself far higher than she is,” Tymildra hissed.
“Anya was the first to attempt to control our numbers. The others have no issue with her, just you,” Elias said. And she snorted.

“Last I heard Taurus had a big issue with her, playing with that hunter all those years ago. It's pathetic really that she hasn't found a new lover since. The Hunter's Guild already have enough reason to hate us as it is.” Elias snorted himself. As if she was really bothered by the hunter's Guild of all things. They may hate the ancients but none are brave enough to attempt killing one. Afterall, the ancients were in theory invincible.
“Well Anya is far away in Cambridge. But understand that in Sky Valley one vampire already rules,” Elias explained and she laughed.
“I didn't take you for the ruling sort, Elias,” She said.
“Not me, another vampire,”
“And I'm to fear some whelp?” She said, not really interested in his response.
“Are you for or against the idea?” Elias asked and she shrugged.
“Neither, I'm just interested in watching the events unfold,” She said.

“Then you'll have no problem sitting in the background and letting Nicholae rule undisturbed,” Elias said, resisting the urge to grin. She had flown right into his trap and now had no way of escaping it. Tymildra sent a measured glare and walked in silence towards Sky Valley. Annoyed that Elias had intervened the way he had. Anya could have the other ancients, but she wanted her own piece to rule.

The End

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