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In too many ways for her liking, Silena thought the underground complex was a grave. It had the same, cloistering smell of soil that she remembered on the occasions she had been captured and buried alive - before Nic had rescued her, of course. Water dribbled down the dark concrete, echoing like the thrum of a fading heartbeat, and it was dark, suited to the creatures who were reserved within it. Once, it had been the vampires that cowered away, now, Silena sensed the lycan, crouched around fires lit in bins and squated against pillars, relying on them to stand up. It was pitiful, the lycan had fallen so far, but Silena knew she couldn't feel sorry for them, not when they intended to hurt her Maker.

She followed Lilian into the centre of the complex, where a young male stood proudly on the hood of a 4x4's burnt skeleton. He was not a lycan, Silena knew, he was something else, he looked healthier than poor little Lilian did, his yellow eyes sharp and gleaming in the darkness, shining out on his tanned skin. He wore dark jeans and a pale v-neck shirt, a cool jacket over his broad shoulders, and everybody circled around him, their leader, as he readied himself to speak. Lilian led Silena to the front, the others welcoming her but looking on her vampire companion warily. She could feel distrust searing over her, but Silena was more than experienced in brushing them off, and as she looked up at the man, she smothered the simmering hate for him and turned it to fake admiration.

"We all know why we're here," he said, looking confidently over the crowd of over a dozen. It was clear that he was being purposely theatrical, Silena smiled to herself, he was like Nic, only Nic wasn't a fake. "The filth, the darkness, the fear we live under - that's why we're here. I once looked on the lycan with respect, I thought them the greatest of all supernaturals, I would never have crossed them, yet I could call them my friends." His eyes narrowed hawk-like, fixing on Silena in a negligable moment. "These...vampires, what good have they done us? They work to their own means, and they act as if they've already won. Their leader, a monster, he struts around abusing his power, murdering and blooding whenever he feels like it, yet he still says that he's "ready" to conform with human society."

Amongst the circle, a gruff male voice shouted, "demon!" and another, "hypocrite!"

The man turned away from Lilian and Silena to the other side of the crowd, so all could see him. "That's right. These vampires think that they can rise above us, creatures who own the night but cannot even step out into the day, fear is what keeps them in power. But I say, no more!" He raised his fist in the air, and the others joined in, Silena remained poised amongst the motions. Lilian stepped forward and spoke to him,

"Tell us, Kaito. How do we do it?"

The man named Kaito smirked, like he was in a battle he'd already won. "By taking out the weapon. We all know it, the fearsome device that Nicolae claims to having. None of us believed it until the full moon came, and I watched as all lycan were denied the change. Now, look at yourselves. Your other halves call to you, but you're imprisoned within your own bodies, your spirits captured by those who say they want the best for you. First, it was all the lycan in Sky Valley, now I hear that outside clans are reporting problems. This thing is growing, this could very well be a plot to wipe out all lycan when they're vulnerable. You are all my friends, my brethren, and on my life, I will not let them suceed!"

Another chorus of cheers came, Silena looked at those around her, their young eyes bloomed with hatred under sapped, withering bodies. No wonder Lilian looked so frail, she was a young lycan unable to change, if she continued for much longer, soon she would die.

"I say we attack the vampires in the day time, steal away the weapon and free ourselves!" Kaito called out, pleasing the crowd immensely. Silena just rolled her eyes privately. "And then, I will personally drive a stake through that vampire's heart and step on his dusty remains!" Everybody hollered and clapped, young lycan barely teens jumped up and down. Kaito turned back around, like soaking in the glory, but caught sight of Silena, uninspired, whilst those around her shone.

"There a problem, vampire?" Once her kind was spoken, eyes widened and some elder creatures pointed fingers furiously.

"She's a spy! Kill her!"

"Who brought her here?"

Lilian stepped forward, and with respect for the young girl, the elders calmed. "I did. Not all the vampires follow Nicolae, with the right connections, they could help us!"

The crowd was silent, and Kaito leapt from the car hood and approached Silena. The group around her stepped back, lowering their heads, but Silena's feet remained planted, and she faced the leader fearlessly.

"So, vampire? What do you have to say for yourself? I trusted Lilian when she told me about you. Are you going to betray us and prove her wrong?"

Silena smiled, skilfully making sure that her fangs didn't emerge as she exposed her gums. "Not at all."

"You don't say much," said Kaito, "what do you think of my plan? What would you do if I made you drive the stake through the heart of that tyrant?" Silena's insides quivered, both her instinct as Nicolae's child, and her own feelings made the idea feel sickening. It felt as if no matter what he did to her, or what he'd already done in fact, would make her do such a thing. This, the creatures couldn't know.

"I would call it a wiser move than you doing it." Kaito looked surprised, and the crowd murmured in a buzz around them. "You talk big, young man," his eyes blazed at her calling him that, "but Nicolae is strong. All vampires in close circles of the ancients know this. You think that his charm and subordinates have kept him powerful? He has resources that you can never comprehend, this weapon to stunt the moon's power over lycans is one of many. Do not think yourself the only one to have tried, I am sure the bones of those who have failed over the years are piled in his kitchen cupboard."

The crowd began to turn angry, and before they could advance or challenge her, she continued. "But," at this point, she let her fangs slide out and her brown irises pigment to bright red. Silena felt their fear form wet across their limbs, "they didn't have me."

The End

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