Kaito looked around the bar he was sat in, at all the humans. Most had come to drown their sorrows, some to find a hooker or two. There were definitely plenty of those around this part of town.

He glanced at his watch. It was almost time for the meeting. Apparently Lillian had found another candidate. A vampire, by the name of Silena. Apparently she'd seemed interested but he would be the judge of that, especially after last time. That one had been a spy of sorts. So Kaito had taken care of it.

He thought about all the species he led, lycans for the most part. He didn't often cooperate with anyone, let alone someone of another species. But in this case they had the same goal.

The bar fell silent as the door opened, then closed again. There was the sound of heels clicking. He froze solid; he knew that scent.

"Hello, Kat," he said as she sat on the empty stool beside him.

"Kaito," she said in greeting.

He looked her up and down. She'd hardly changed in the five years since he'd last seen her. Her white blonde hair was still long and beautiful. Her red eyes met his yellow ones evenly. She'd grown a little bit. There was only one thing that was majorly different about her: she was scowling and the lines on her face suggested it was a common expression. When they'd last met, she was constantly smiling, and blushing, and batting her eyelashes. Then again, that was only at him. He hoped Dmitriy was looking after her.

Kaito glanced over her hair again, remembering when he'd run his fingers through the long tresses. Her lips were still familiar, even after all this time. She was clearly more... physically mature, a fact accentuated by the tight black blouse she was wearing.

"What can I do for you?" he asked, looking into his glass to stop himself from launching at her.

"Just... following up on a rumour," she said, her eyes not once leaving him.


"I didn't know you were at Sky Valley," she whispered.

"Well, I am. How have you been?"

"How do you think?" she asked, a hint of hatred seeping into her voice.

"I'm sorry. For everything."

"That's about five years too late, Kaito."

"I know." He sighed. "How's Dmitriy?"

"Falling in love, I think. He's been going out and not telling me where he's going. So I followed him and got a job there."

Kaito couldn't help his laugh.

"You, with a job? Miracles can happen."

A small smile cropped up on her mouth. "Tell me about it. I should get going. I'll... see you around."

She stood up, deliberating something for a moment. She leant in and kissed his cheek, before turning on her heel and leaving.

Kaito grinned to himself. She'd kissed him. Well, on his cheek but it was still a kiss. She didn't like to make any sort of contact with people she didn't trust, so did this mean she'd forgiven him? Or, was at least thinking about it? He hoped so, he dearly hoped so.

The End

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