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If there was one plus about starting work early, it was that until the rush hour hit, the coffee shop was relatively quiet. Noel leaned against the far counter before letting out a long sigh. Kim wouldn't be in until seven o'clock on the dot as usual. She turned and began cleaning the monster before heading to the storeroom to top up on the monster coffee beans. She then filled up the sugar holders and checked there were enough cardboard cups to carry them through the morning. She grabbed a few more large cups from the storeroom to be on the safe side. Noel reached to wash a forgotten expresso cup when the little bell on the door tinkled, signalling that someone had entered.
“Hey,” she said with a smile as she took in his dark hair and eyes whose colour she could never quite describe.

“Hi,” He replied, leaning on the customer side of the counter.
“Sorry about yesterday-” he began and Noel quickly shushed him.
“It's fine, I hope she didn't misunderstand or anything,” Noel said as she turned and started making his regular drink. Strong black coffee. She herself couldn't stand it black, mocha form was the only way she could take coffee. Of course given the option she'd go for a hot chocolate.
“Ekaterina is a little...difficult sometimes, but she shouldn't bother you,” He said. Noel thought his wording was a little strange. Why would she bother her? Unless she wanted to corner her and double-check there was nothing between Noel and Dmitriy. Even if she did, Noel wouldn't consider that bothering. Though a small part of her couldn't help but wonder why Dmitriy stayed with someone who was “difficult”.
“Here you go,” she said, handing the drink over.

“Thanks, want to talk until the rush starts?” he asked, like he did every morning. And despite yesterdays events Noel still wanted to speak to this guy. She opened her mouth to say yes, but another voice spoke for her.
“No, because she has work to do.” Noel turned startled eyes round to see her boss emerging from the office. Dmitriy let out what Noel suspected was a very discreet curse as the women from yesterday emerged from behind her boss.
“Got a new girl, show her ropes,” he said with a grunt then went back to the office. Probably to re-count his money Noel suspected.

“I'll be over there,” Dmitriy murmured before taking the table the furtherest away from the counter. Though Noel noted that he kept a suspicious eye on the women. Ekaterina, Noel recalled as she turned to take in the women. She was taller than her and her blond hair fell in perfect waves. It was the hostile expression on her face that ruined the pretty picture.
“I guess I'll start with the machine,” Noel said, well-aware today was not going to be fun.

The End

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