The toe of Nicolae's boot kicked at the pebble, and it skittered along the empty road. He strode through the streets with his hands in the pockets of his favourite navy greatcoat and his head downcast from the setting, evening sun. His skin began to tingle, his neck beginning to itch from the heat, making him twitch irritatedly. He was once more annoyed, not just because he had to leave Sky Valley centre on an errand, but also because it meant he had to keep his senses to their highest.

"You've blooded again, haven't you?" Elias had said to him only a few minutes ago in his apartment, after they'd ensured the co-operation of the neighbouring clan, the rather difficult ones at that. In times like that, when the fool nodded and bowed along to all of Elias' words, Nicolae was glad to have an ancient with him. They had watched the sunset through the ultraviolet window of his apartment, still too light for them to venture onto the balcony, and taken turns to mock each other. This time, however, the ancient had been serious and chiding. "I sensed it last night. Will you ever stop?"

"Not everybody is as dull as you. You could have amassed an army with all of your years, yet you don't. I'm tired of asking why, but just because you have a sense of morality doesn't mean you can dictate one to me. I'm a vampire, I'm free to sire who I want,"

"For the wrong reasons, though. If I was to ever consider siring, it would be to help the dying, but you do it to frightened young girls because it's fun,'

"Well, what else do you expect me to do around here?"

Unfortunately for him, his fun had not paid off. The girl had transformed perfectly, and even he had to admit he was proud of his work. What Elias had decided not to tell him was that he'd seen the girl run off from Sky Valley, and had not told him for a good two hours after, Nicolae imagined it was supposed to teach him a lesson. The residents of the centre had remained secret for many years, and Nicolae refused to be ridiculed for blowing everything when negotiations were going so well. So he'd gone to fetch the girl, and lucky for him, she was enough of a new vampire for him to hear everything in her head.

She wanted blood, badly, but unlike the majority of newborns, she was resisting the urge as she weaved her way through what seemed to be a crowd. She was terrified, naturally, her hearing extended for at least a mile, super sensitive to the slightest noise. Car horns were always the worst, of course, and he could tell she was amongst the high street as her inner voice was shrieking in pain about it.

He trailed through the streets for some time, passing those travelling home after work and hearing their blood like drums beating all around him. He followed the bond that he had with the girl, sensing his blood within her. She was different now, she seemed...fine. Like she had attuned perfectly to her abilities, neither worried nor bloodthirsty.

So quickly? Impressive...too impressive, actually.

 He felt her strongest in the town square, streets leading outwards at a crossroads to different concessions, the metal shutters on all either shut or slowly lowering. The scent of ground coffee still hung in the air from the local shop a few feet away, and the lampposts in the square came to life, casting an artificial, orange hue across the cobbles. There was a bench in the square, and sitting there was a young woman, her features shining out against the picturesque high street. The light shone from behind her head of black curls just covering her breasts, and her skin was pale like snow. It was clear that she was small, she appeared fragile and weak, but the glow of her scarlet eyes said otherwise, it told Nicolae that she was of his kind; vampire.

More than that, he realised the reason that he had been able to track her so well, for he had travelled not one, but two blood bonds. The terror he had felt had been from one, the confidence from the other. The new girl lay sleeping across her lap, Nicolae's blood new in her system, gently destroying her. The other girl had known his blood for over a century, and like so much else, she was another sentiment of her past.

She looked up at him with a beauty that had made his knees weak many, many years ago, but now, did nothing but feel him with the heaviness of memory.

"Hello, Nic," she said, her voice soft with a British accent lost to new generations,

Standing at the opposite side of the square, with only air and electricity between them, Nicolae moved slowly forward. "Hello, Silena."

The End

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