Another PawnMature

“Do I have to do this?” Elias whined, following Nicholae's fast footfalls.
“Yes, I need the old fool to agree. Having an ancient on my side can only help,” Nicholae explained impatiently.
“Fine, but I'll make fun of him,” Elias replied with a smirk and Nicholae stopped and turned so suddenly Elias had took a step back.
“Do you take anything seriously?” he whispered furiously, is fangs snapping down. Elias felt himself sober up slightly. It'd been a while since someone had actually confronted him like this.
“Believe it or not, yes. I just prefer action to talking to dim-witted people who think they own the world,” Elias replied calmly, resisting the urge to joke Nicholae's words away instead.

“Is that a dig at me?” Nicholae says, turning to resume leading the way.
“Well, you do think you own the world,” Elias said with a small smile.
“I own sky valley. But if things go to plan, I'll own more,” Nicholae replied with a dark smile. Elias noted that his skin had more colour to it. No wonder he's in such a good mood.
They walked into the main hall and sat opposite a man with slightly greyed brown hair and a smart suit. They never try to be original, it's like they're asking to be made fun of.
“Nicholae,” He said with a curt nod. Then he turned to Elias and did a low bow.
“Lord Elias,” He said. When he raised his head he opened his mouth to say something else that Elias tuned out. Nicholae did most of the talking, using big fancy words and generally speaking the ponce language as far as Elias could tell.
“Did you forget your hat today?” Elias blurted, not caring that he was interrupting Nicholae mid-speech. The man switched his concentration to Elias with confused eyebrows.
“I'm sorry, I don't-”
“Understand, don't worry. You're doing well,” Elias said with a quirk of his lips.
“Ermm...thanks...” he trailed off uncertainly.

“You're welcome. I think I'll take off now,” Elias said and stood up. He felt the glare and shrugged. Knowing Nicholae would see the gesture and grow even more furious. Elias headed to the bar and ignored the way the tender rushed around to ensure his drink was perfect. What's the point? It's just a whiskey boy.
“If you weren't so important I'd strangle you myself,” Nicholae whispered, his voice dripping with venom. There was no slightly down about his fangs, they were completely out.
“You could try, but I'd beat you in a fight,” Elias replied, sending the manic smile. He reached to take a sip of his just placed drink but Nicholae grabbed it, slamming it against the floor. Oh, he's mad today.
“That's not very polite,” Elias muttered, starring at the wasted alcohol.
“Do you not understand what's going on here? We're in the middle of something huge and you're joking around!” Nicholae shouted. Elias couldn't help but notice how everyone else in the area had suddenly become scarce.

“I am aware of what's going on Nicholae. And that you're determined to use me as pawn. I'm not going to go out of my way to be a co-operative one,” Elias replied, refusing to let his fangs show in response. Nicholae studied him for a few seconds before walking off, very clearly pissed with his fists clenched tight.
“Oh my, do you two not get on?” The high-up from earlier asked, approaching the bar carefully. Elias laughed.
“We get on, on and off,” Elias replied, standing up to face the man.
“And if you want advice from me, work with him.”
“If you suggest it, my lord,” He replied. Elias suppressed the urge to laugh at the man and left. At least Nicholae has the sense to make up his own mind about things.

The End

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