Finally, a smile...Mature

Dmitriy walked in silence as he followed his sister home. She was still rather angry with him, if the way her eyes burnt was anything to go by.

"Kat--" he started.

"Save it," she hissed, not looking around.

Dmitriy sighed. When Ekaterina was in a mood like this, there wasn't anything anybody could say to appease her. All he could do was scamper after her and hope she would snap out of it soon.

Something caught Dmitriy's eye. He stopped and turned to look at it. Another girl had gone missing. No doubt one of Nicolae's new games. Oh dear. Dmitriy turned and had to run to catch up with Ekaterina. It wasn't long before they reached Sky Valley. Kat pushed the door open and strode through the entrance hall. She opened another door and ran straight into somebody. Dmitriy recognised his grey eyes immediately. He swept into a bow. Ekaterina stood stock still, her arms crossed and her eyes burning.

"My Lord," he said.

"Please don't call me that," Elias mumbled. "I'm terribly sorry."

Elias glanced between them, his eyes lingering slightly longer on Ekaterina. Dmitriy stepped aside and the vampire nodded at him, before striding past. Dmitriy noticed a slight blush on his cheeks. Maybe there was something going on between him and Kat? The glare she was sending after him completely dismissed that.

She turned on her heel and continued her path to their little corner. She sat down and all the candle flames were pulling towards her, trying to comfort her. She pushed them away, causing them to quiver. Dmitriy knew better than to sit next to her. He sat opposite her, putting a couple metres of distance between them.

"You know, I think the vampire likes you," he murmured, watching carefully for her response.

She didn't say anything, her lips pressing together in a thin line. He decided not to push his luck and keep quiet; she could keep this up for days. He sat quietly, not looking up to see her glare. Time passed, lots of time passed.

"You know I don't like it when you leave and don't tell me where you're going," she whispered.

"I'm sorry. I don't want you to worry," he replied before glancing up quickly. Her glare had softened and a small flame glided over her skin.

"I do worry though."

"I know you do, but you don't need to; I can look after myself."

"Not in the real world, Dmitriy. You're such a pacifist, you won't fight back. You never fight back, and one day you're going to have to."

"Well, I'm  sure you'll be with me to save me when that day does come."

A ghost of a smile pulled at her lips.

"It's a good job, as well," she said, smiling.

The End

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