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Nicolae was well aware of the sour expression plastered on his face as he continued down the slope, through the complex to his private quarters. He was pissed, and he hardly cared who saw it, it meant that he would be left alone for this evening. Able to do what he enjoyed most. He had to admit that a perk of practically running the Sky Valley council was being able to select the best accommodation in the centre. Some of the vampires preferred the complex, it was dark and there was no chance of being caught in the sun by accident. But, if he was to be honest, he hated the rest of his kind, they complained too much and it sickened him.

His abode was the converted restaurant at the top floor of the main department store. The deactivated escalators acted as a way for him to easily tell when anybody was approaching, not to look presentable, but to mentally prepare himself for their likely waffle. There were two levels that separated the bar and living area - which he had naturally kept - and the sleeping areas, which comprised of a king-size bed and a lot of storage for over a centuries of knick-knacks. There was no door, so in a sense he had little privacy, then again, everybody knew "what he was like" as Elias put it, and rarely bothered him. 

Elias, that buffoon, he thought as he ascended the escalator stairs. He really doesn't understand. Vampire society told him that he had to respect the ancients, they were, after all, the oldest of vampire kind, and therefore the most powerful. Nicolae always thought that Elias was different, however. Some ancients fit the prototype, terrifying, powerful, and sometimes bat-shit crazy. Elias stayed away from other ancients to Nicolae's knowledge, humans might have called him the black sheep, and it had naturally been a shock to learn that of all the ancients to travel to Sky Valley to oversee negotiations for the big reveal, it would be him. Perhaps Nicolae was supposed to respect him, but it was difficult when the vampire was so goddamn annoying.

When he reached his quarters, the metal trill of his footfalls on the stairs brought about a whimper from within. He looked and saw that the white sheets of his bed had been dragged from the mattress and across the floor, eventually pooling a few feet away in the middle of the floor. He sighed, the girl thought she could hide, but the concept of incredible vampire senses didn't seem to have reached her. He had heard her blood pumping in her veins in the room halfway up, so it was an easy task for him to stride with his long legs towards the bar, reach over it to grab the collar of the girl and haul her onto the counter. She let out a terrified shriek, shaking and bedraggled since he had last left her. She looked awful, he expected nothing less.

He had blooded the girl, just a drop, and that was enough to bring about a reaction. Full blooding was far too quick, within an hour of draining and replacing the blood, the human was fully transformed. However, a couple drops sent the body into turmoil, a half-change, something akin to madness. What he did was technically illegal, thus only Elias knew, though Nicolae still couldn't fathom why he trusted the ancient. Naturally, he was repulsed by it and urged him to stop, but he would be told what to do by nobody.

"You ought to know it is futile," said Nicolae wearily, releasing the girl by the scruff of her neck and letting her slip back down to the ground on the opposite side of the counter. She was a beauty, he'd found her walking the club street on a Friday night, alone, with a skirt that Nicolae's era of women in the nineteenth century would have fainted at.

For that, she needed to be taught a lesson.

"Please..." she stammered, her thick brown curls clustered sweatily around her face, her skin pallid and her brown eyes wide in terror. "Please...release me,"

Nicolae reached out and she recoiled, though he had simply reached for a wine glass hung upside down above them. "You know that isn't an option. You're a liability now, mostly to yourself, and of course, my reputation. You've seen me, and I'm hardly willing to cower in the shadows if you report me."

"I - I won't report you. Whatever you want with me -,"

Smiling sadistically, Nicolae grabbed hold of the wine glass and smashed it on the counter in front of her. She screamed and backed away as shards flew around her, one slicing her deeply on the arm, a line of red beading on her skin. Immediately, Nicolae felt the urge, he gripped the counter to restrain himself.

No, just wait. It will be much more satisfying. 

Indeed, he waited, and as the girl seethed and stared at her wound, her eyes widened to marvel as her skin folded back together around the wound. "H - how?"

"It's a gift," he said, his voice smooth and seductive as he circled the counter towards her. "Don't you like it?"

"I - I don't understand," her eyes met his, so vulnerable and entranced. He had no need to compel her, he wanted her to submit all on her own, the way it was in the old days. 

"You've seen the films, haven't you? As crude as they can get, they are right in some respects. Eternal life and beauty, senses beyond your belief...imagine what you could do..." his voice was a soft whisper as he moved closer towards her, towering over her like a god.

"I could do...anything..." she said, with the same tone of wonder that had Nicolae trembling in anticipation.

"You can..." he said, running his pale finger along the line of her jaw and lifting her head up to him. "All it one word."

Her mouth opened, the word playing on her tongue as he leaned in closer to her. He could sense it, this girl was an easy one. Next time, he would need a bigger challenge. "Yes..." she breathed, and when she thought she would lift his lips to meet his, his hand snaked around her back. He yanked hard on her hair to expose her neck, and with a shriek of both agony and ecstasy from his prey, Nicolae bit down, hard.

The End

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