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Noel! Get table two and seven they're bills, before they try skipping it.” The yell of her boss' voice caught her by surprise and she almost spilled the boiling cup of coffee she'd been preparing.

I'll take over, don't worry,” Kim said reassuringly. Noel nodded her thanks and waited for the register to print. Kim quickly moved in front of the monster and began to steam up the milk. Replace the coffee beans for expresso shots. And handle the take-away drink orders on her own. Noel has nagged her boss to employ a third waitress/barrister. Because Kim on her own and Noel dealing with all those sitting with food as well as drinks was too much. Though at least her boss was only a half-decent cook, so they didn't get too many customers who ordered actual food. Cupcakes maybe, but that was about it. She handed over the bills and watched from a distance as they gave minuscule tips.

Cheap-scates,” Noel muttered as she took the money back to the till and added the pitiful coins to the jar.

Hey there.” Noel glanced up and barely stopped herself from smiling too widely. Most of their customers sucked. But some like this Dmitriy didn't. In fact he was probably the best customer she'd ever had. And she was glad he'd decided to be a regular.

Hey, usual?” Noel asked.

Yup,” He replied, moving to take the table in the corner as always. She quickly made up his drink and brought it over to him. Normally she would've talked with him for a few minutes. Maybe told him about some of her writing. He always seemed interested in that. Though why she couldn't guess. She was surprised he didn't moan when she told him her story was based around the supernatural. It wasn't as if the subject was rare anymore.

Only a girl walked in, and if Noel didn't know any better she'd say her eyes burned with hells fury itself. Though she was sure it was partially due to a trick of light.

Hi Dmitriy,” she said calmly, with a smile plastered on her face. He looked like he'd been struck by a bus or something but reigned it in enough to speak.

Kat, I-” He began.

I should go back to work, enjoy your drink,” Noel murmured, leaving quickly. Of course, a guy as cute as him would have a girlfriend she thought. And now she was going to misunderstand because Noel and him even though they had just been sharing friendly conversation. Noel let out a long moan and buried her face in her hands the moment she back behind the counter.

Romance is a bitch,” Kim chirped, instantly putting pieces together.

Who said anything about romance?” Noel replied, feeling her face redden.

Please, are you telling me you wouldn't jump him if you got the chance?” Kim joked. Noel blushed further.

I don't have time for a boyfriend, nor do I want the stress associated with trying to get one,” Noel replied. Then she headed to the newest customers that had taken seats. Looked like a bunch of hungover students, so no good tips there.

The End

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