The Court JokerMature

He knew what was going to happen the moment the stuttering boy faced Nicholae. You'd think the lycans would send someone with a stronger will by this point. Elias tutted as he closed the distance between himself and Nicholae. The slight smell of damp that surrounded the lower floors reached his senses. Along with the familiar scented candles burning. He knew he'd soon be able to turn and see her. But right now he had to try and fail for the hundredth time to change Nicholae mind.

“You know, it's almost been a year since you last let them shift. Don't you think you're being a little unreasonable?” Elias asked. Catching up and matching Nicholae's stride. The familiar look of irritation crossed his face as he sent Elias a glare that could melt ice.

“Don't be moody because I'm the only one with the guts to ask,” Elias said, pouting like a child.

“What I do is my own business. I do not question your intent here, lord.” Nicholae spat the last word unfavourably and stared ahead, refusing to meet Elias' even gaze.

“Lord? I may be older than any vampire present here, but unlike you. I have no want to rule,” Elias said with a chuckle. He'd told Nicholae this before. Though Elias doubted Nicholae ever viewed him as a threat. Elias really did have no intention to take over or rule in any sense. He hated that his age bequeathed him unnecessary high stature.

“You're a fool Elias. I know it was you who laughed earlier,” Nicholae said.

“And? It's hard not to find it amusing. You do follow the sterotypes of a dictator well,” Elias replied with a grin.

“Someone has to hold the iron fist around here,” Nicholae glowered.

“True, but if you think denying lycans the ability to shift will stop them planning some form of attack, you're the fool. But hopefully you'll get smart enough to realise that on your own.” Nicholae opened his mouth to reply, but whatever words he spoke were lost to Elias' ears as he laid his grey eyes on her. Her white mane glowed with an otherwordly light. Shining against the soft shadows of the flame her delicate finger cast. Her eyes shone a dangerous red, she noticed him straight away. Sending a very clear go-away glare. It was why Elias only ever looked.

“Maybe you should go attempt to fall in love again. It'd make my job easier,” Nicholae muttered after following his line of sight. Elias ignored the slight sting he felt at the reminder and turned on his usual, carefree, slightly manic grin.

“Ah, but if I did that, who would keep you company?” Elias said.

“Beautiful women, I'd imagine,” Nicholae replied half-heartedly, rolling his eyes at Elias' predictability.

“Ah, how is Silena doing?” Elias asked, putting a lazy arm over Nicholaes shoulder. The glare Nicholae sent him for the act merely caused Elias to laugh. Something he knew would annoy further.

“I wouldn't know,” Nicholae replied.

“You're a bad liar too,” Elias replied, but let the matter lie.

“I have things to do, will you please go bug someone else,” Nicholae said, finally turning to face Elias head-on.

“Since you ask so nicely,” Elias said with a shrug. Turning to leave. He knew when Nicholae pulled that worn-out voice he needed space. Elias quickly returned to the main area upstairs and leant against one of the pillars, away from the populated side. Not that it made any difference.

“Lord Elias?” A female voice cooed.

“Yes, dear?” Elias replied, matching her voice.

“Me and my friends were wondering if someone of you're importance, would allow us to share in your company,” She said. Smoothing her voice into sweet honey. Elias had seen many like her pull this act.

“Oh, how kind of you to disguise your intent with carefully chosen words,” Elias began and he saw her expression turn to shock and embarrassment.

“But I'd have to say no,” He finished. Feeling his face stretch into the grin, Before turning to head for the highest floor. The roof had crumbled so much that it was more a balcony than anything. No one had claimed the spot so he tended to take up residence.  

The End

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