The Coffee ShopMature

Ekaterina glanced up as Dmitriy walked in.

"And where have you been?" she asked from her seat on the filthy floor.

"Out," he replied. "You're my sister, not my mother."

"I may as well be, Dmitriy," she hissed.

Their stark red eyes burnt like fire against their pale skin as they glared at each other. Dmitriy was the first to back down, as usual. Ekaterina tucked her white hair behind her ear and watched him as he ran his hands through his black hair, exasperated by her.

Dmitriy looked around the small space they called home. It wasn't much, just a corner in Sky Valley that they'd claimed as their own. Rubbish littered the floor and dust clung to everything. Candles stood all over the place, surrounded by small remnants of wax.

Ekaterina gazed into the flame. It was the only thing she felt relaxed by, knowing there was fire nearby. The candle flame disappeared suddenly and Ekaterina opened her hands flat. There was the little flame, dancing and skittering all over her skin, calming her with every lick of heat it gave off. She closed her palms together and the candle lit up again, swaying slightly.

When Ekaterina looked up, Dmitriy was watching her. She met his gaze steadily. He turned around and disappeared through a door. Her eyes were drawn to the two vampires that strode through the corridors as if they owned them. Of course, one of them technically did. Nicolae was in charge of everything. When something happened, he knew. When someone left the building, he knew.

They were talking to each other. Nicolae's eyes swept around the room and when his eyes fell on her, she nodded respectfully. His companion watched her curiously as they walked by. Ekaterina returned his gaze.

His short blond hair reflected the dim light in the room and his coal grey eyes glittered with a childish playfulness. The smile on his face gave off the same playfulness. Ekaterina could tell he was a joker; he gave off the same aura that Dmitriy usually did.

As the vampires reached the end of the room, he finally tore his eyes away from her and turned to Nicolae, grinning. Ekaterina narrowed her eyes. She didn't trust people like that. In fact, she didn't trust anyone.

Dmitriy and Ekaterina were complete opposites: he joked around, she didn't; he trusted people, she didn't; he was talkative, she wasn't. The list was practically endless. He often disappeared for a couple hours at a time, but he usually told her where he was going. It was now twice in one day that he hadn't told her. Enough was enough.

Ekaterina stood up and slipped out of the door behind Dmitriy. She followed his trail to a coffee shop. Why the hell would he come here? She looked through the window and there he was, sat at a table. He was chatting with one of the barristers there. She scowled and strode in. She sat down at his table, in the chair opposite him. His face paled when he saw her.

"Hi, Dmitriy," Ekaterina said with false sincerity.

"Kat, I..." He could obviously tell she was angry.

The girl he was talking to glanced between them and blushed slightly before murmuring something and disappearing back behind the counter. The girl had curly red hair that had obviously been dyed. Her jade eyes were bright and shone. Ekaterina dropped the false sweet smile and let her anger flare in her red eyes.

"You know I don't like it when you don't tell me where you're going," she hissed at him quietly. "This is the second time today."

"I'm sorry, Kat," he murmured, looking down at his fingers.

"You should be."

The End

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