Creatures live in our world, hidden and protected from sight. It has been this way for many years, but now those of the supernatural world plan to reveal themselves to the public, causing tension amongst factions all across the world, from vampire ancients to vengeful lycans. The last thing they need is somebody blowing their cover...

For almost three years, Sky Valley Centre had been abandoned.

Once, it had been a hub of excitement and activity at the heart of a small, quaint town, and now it was shackled with chains, nothing seeming to move through it but the wind and the rain through broken windows and caved roofs. Vendors had long since left, metal shutters had unravelled shut, and the centre had simply been left to die. Yet, even when the wind hissed through and moonlight filtered through dusty skylights, there were some who knew it was not deserted.

There were new patrons who had made a home out of what humans had left to rot. They occupied Sky Valley in secrecy, without letting a passer-by see a single moving shadow. If inebriated youths or conspiracists - believing the centre to be haunted - crept in, the inhabitants would just stop, and wait.

Wait, and hold back the urges consuming them, urges to interact, torment, even kill. As much as they hated it, they allowed themselves to be ignored.

But they all knew there would come a day when the truth would be revealed, when the ignorant would face reality, whether by fighting back or turning a blind eye, they would at least know.

Two years passed, and it seemed that they all waited in the corners of Sky Valley, waiting to be discovered, hoping. Some lived wishing that they would not live in darkness for all their lives, whilst others simply wanted to rise above those who had dealt them cruelty so long ago. They had to entertain the chance that this would never happen, and that even if humanity knew, they still may not believe.

For just as much as they believed Sky Valley was abandoned, so did they believe the creatures living there did not exist.

The End

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