Tie him up, wait for him to wake up, and then interrogate him a bit

Archie sat calmly in his curator's office, legs crossed and hands clasped.  He stared blankly at Xavier, whose head was lolling back and forth off his chest, in a continual state of semi-conciousness.

Xavier had been dragged down the corrider, forcefully put into a chair and bound, for good measure.  Archie cursed the trail of blood that had been left on his pristine marble floors.

"Filthy charlatan."  The painting in Archie's office, a once prestigious duchess, scowled at Xavier, turning up her nose and offering a distinct hmph in his direction. 

"What's to be done with him, Margaret?"  Archie let out a sigh at his predicament.  He really had no idea what he would do with him.  He had comtemplated calling the police, but dismissed the idea as useless.  Yes, perhaps they would charge Xavier with theft but the current situation would be difficult to explain to the authorities, what with the two-dimesional army that had put him in this condition.  And anyway, it wouldn't prevent Xavier from attempting the stunt again.

"Cut off his head!"  Margaret bellowed into the small office.

"I don't think that is a viable option, my dear."  Archie let her down lightly.  She could be a bit hasty in handing out punishments sometimes.  The sixteenth century could do that to you.

Archie took his seat again, waiting it out.  He had already placed a very dissatisfied Babbo back on the wall, in its proper place.  He put Henry in charge of gathering up all the paintings that would need to be retouched or repaired.  Archie had been truly touched that his paintings had come so quickly to his rescue, risking life and limb for him. Now he had months of work ahead of him.

Finally, Xavier began to moan, lifting his head up and peering out of half closed lids.  He attempted to move his arms, but quickly realized that he wouldn't be going anywhere.

"Boil him alive!"  Margaret bellowed again.  Xavier winced.

"You foolish old man."  Xavier shook his head a little.  He was still bold enough to think Archie couldn't hurt him.

"I'm not the one who is tied to a chair at the moment." Archie stated plainly.

"This is useless.  Your paintings are useless.  They may have stopped me but they cannot stop what has already been put in motion by others who are far more important than you or I."

"Ahh, yes.  About that plan your...people have.  It's time you told me all about it."

"Tie him to the stake!"

The End

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