Prologue: Do You Hear What I Hear?Mature

...Like a snake, that familiar sensation uncoiled, springing towards him with such intensity which left him raw. Feeling the air escaped him and thought the Earth had stopped revolving on its axis, Ethan never knew terror until that very moment as he stumbled back, dry mouth gaped open as his voice tried to raise an alarm which would caused the St. Andrew Academy an infamous reputation.

A song terrible as the siren of an incoming deluge roared and vanished through the mist of darkness just as the air grew stale. An ancient song drifted to and fro, suppressed by the imposing light upon the darkened sky however, the very tune grew thin, akin to a screech with a voice that reached the highest peak, its calling demanded to be heard.

From afar, clumps of dark clouds gathered before the humungous spires of the St. Andrew Academy, veiled in definite darkness, the icy wind crawled its vapory claws against the vast and solid brick stone walls. Beyond these massive walls lay its deaf inhabitants, stuck and warmed under the soft blankets with their heads upon the soft pillows. Their minds drifted into oblivion to the dark masses that took the form of a shadow freely slipping through the cracks and holes of their very rooms. The air grew dank, each passing minute the only illumine object against the ebony sky was the bright round gem, its effort of casting enough glow upon the darkened loam was proven futile as the night, with its patches of dark clouds hovered over its face, completely blocked any shed of illumination upon the ancient edifice.

There was an air of uncertainty, thick and ripe of nature’s on-goings that were normal to the sleeping inhabitants, quite unaware of another force that crept after them during such an unholy hour. Devon Black, was an exception from the rest. Deep in a dreamless slumber, he suddenly found himself awaken from a mysterious voice. His eyes stared through the blanket of darkness, slowly he swept his curious gaze towards the crystal glass window that behold the sky as dark as the charcoal. He didn’t understand the circumstance of him suddenly being awakened from his sleep. All he could recall was the load of homework he had finished past eleven o’clock, a task that he could not neglect as they were due for tomorrow, afterwards he retired to bed. Slowly, he rose from his bed, pulled away the blanket and with uncertain movements, fumbled his way through the dark. His arms reached out for his bedside table, quietly trying to get a hold of the lamp that might give him aid to the accursed darkness.

Soon, his hands reached out for the cord and with a gentle tug of his hand, a soft click echoed against the hollow silence, followed by the light as rich as the sun’s rays, bathing his whole room with the needed aid for his sight. Shadows were soon chased away as the light appeared, the lone soul awoken from his slumber blinked at the very brightness, washing the darkness that shrouded his thin lips, long and prominent nose that he inherited from his stoic father, and his mauve eyes from his sweet mother. They looked bright though people would tend to shy away from him, as his stare held a gaze as cold as the winds of Alps, which left most of his colleagues shivering.

It never really mattered to him as his mind was solely dedicated to accomplishing his task of graduating his last year from the said academy and then he would fly away, gaining his freedom from the demands of his family, especially of his grandfather. The very thought left a sour taste on his mouth. Swiftly diminishing the ugly thoughts of his bound future, he swept back his gaze towards the dark sky.

‘It’s too dark,’ he quietly thought as he stepped forward, his hands holding the wooden pane that felt smooth and cold against his palms.

“I thought there would be a full moon tonight,” Devon murmured to himself, regarding the sky with a vacant gaze when his ears heard sounds coming from the hall. In wonderment, he turned his focus towards the closed wooden door that seemed dark though at daylight it possessed a rich dark brown hue. They were of soft footsteps that echoed against the hollow hall. Slowly, he moved in a careful gait, so careful that he wouldn’t produce any unwanted sounds as the wooden floor was notorious for bringing its inhabitants to a lot of troubles for a simple creaking sound. Closed to the door, he pressed his right ear against the wood, straining his ear for the sound that he might hear.

Soft footsteps, careful as not to stir any souls deep in slumber reached Devon’s ears. They were coming closer, perhaps passing in front of his room as he intently concentrated to the said noise. The lone boy didn’t know how to react as the said matter was both refreshing and terrifying to him. He shook his head, quietly realizing that he might carelessly entangle himself to the business of an unknown person.

‘Perhaps, he is just strolling along the hall because he couldn’t sleep?’ he reasoned to himself, suppressing the very thought that would crack his spirit at any given moment. He was in silent introspection, carefully analyzing and balancing the logical explanations of the sound that echoed just outside his room until the very noise passed along the hall towards his direction. He stood erect; a cold sensation immediately poured its way down to his spine as he clearly heard the soft and slow steps. However, as he listened intently, his eyes widened, the breath caught in his throat. Quickly, with uncertain steps, he backed away, almost stumbling down as he retraced his steps back to his bed whilst his gaze, now filled with pure terror never left the closed door, the footsteps to move back and forth in front of his room. His body shivered as if it never had; his whole body, limbs and even lips quivered at the very sound that reached his ears. As the back of his legs bumped against the wooden edge of his bed, he didn’t think twice before snatching back the sheets and gathered them before his very body until he was covered.


Ethan Holly just woke up from a very odd sleep but, that did not falter his sanguine character and without further remonstration, he prepared himself. Fully dressed of the St. Andrew’s stark black suite paired with the shining leather shoes, he marched out of his private room and walked along the hall. A handful of students met him with a weary morning smile. ‘Odd,’ he thought but still kept his smile in place as he turned his gaze to his colleagues and schoolmates.

He directed his way towards his companion’s room which was located in the west wing of the boy’s dormitory. Devon Black was his only close friend and confidante. He had a lot of friends however; Devon was irreplaceable as they had been friends since the start of their high school years in the said academy. His gay character was the opposite of Devon’s bleak and cold nature, like the sun and the moon though they got along pretty well and were almost knowledgeable of all of each other’s secrets and such. Ethan, his smile still plastered upon his face, whistled as he gazed through the glass window that framed the promising morning with the sky drenched in the pure blue, the orb of light freely streaming down its deep honey color, painting the lush in rich green and the loam in dark brown.

“Such a fine morning,” he added contentedly to himself as he finally turned to a corner and after five steps, finally reached his destination.

Dull, soundless as the dead of the night and strange - Ethan felt these sensations as soon as he grabbed a hold of Devon’s room’s door knob. Slowly, he turned around as the unfriendly silence greeted his ears and the unusual gloom met his sight. He swallowed whatever lump was in his throat as he calmed himself, whisking away the negative impression his surrounding offered to him.

“Devon?” he called out as he softly rapped his right knuckles against the wooden door. Silence. He knitted his brows, wondering why he did not respond to his morning call. Devon would usually be up now, his punctuality exceeded his and he honored him for possessing such a strong devotion to his obligations despite of the hesitations he had been sharing with him. It was not a secret to him how he hated given the task foisted upon him as the heir of his family’s imperialistic fortune. Although he was not the only child, his grandfather had personally placed upon Devon’s shoulders the task of carrying out his position.

‘Failure was not an option,’ Devon once told him with a stoic expression, suppressing the bitterness in his voice. He was always in grace under pressure. Ethan knew him to be worthy of such a glorious responsibility however wretched it might be.

Once more he rapped his knuckles against the door but this time in a louder manner. He knew that he would reproach him for such an impudent act however, his tardiness had already snapped Ethan’s coolness.

“Devon? What, are you still asleep? This is unlike of you,” he called out, restraining the irritation lacing in his voice.

Again, only the uncomfortable silence responded to his inquiry. Ethan closed his eyes, he gritted his teeth as his emotions were swelling within him.

“Devon? If you don’t answer me this instant, I will break this door and drag you out of your room!” he finally shouted with a jeer convoluting his handsome feature.

“I am getting dressed up!” the familiar voice suddenly called up, immediately calming the nerves of the impatient boy. Ethan’s twitching face relaxed and he uncoiled his hands, almost calm at the sound of his companion’s voice.

“What took you so long? This is not like you to wake up in such a late hour,” Ethan remarked, turning his back against the wooden door and leaned his broad frame against the sturdy construction.

“Please wait!” Devon only muttered, of which left the other boy pondering at the response.

“Alright! Just make it fast!” Ethan said, completely ignoring the odd behavior of his companion.

He soon focused his attention towards the window showing the large expanse of green lushes that seemed to sparkle against the lively color. Spring had started and so nature dressed herself in such refineries of bright colors, an austere contrast of the last season that casted a gloomy but majestic impression upon him. He was quietly musing about the wonders of nature when the clock tower’s sonorous chime startled him. He quickly stirred from his idle pose and stared back towards the closed door.

“Devon? What the fuck’s wrong with you? Are you not yet done? Class is almost starting, damn it!” he cursed through clenched teeth, curling his hands into fists as impatience surged its way through his previous calm nerves.

“You know me very well, Devon. Don’t test my patience. I hate waiting,” he softly spoke with irritation at the foul experience.

“Wait… Wait…” his friend uttered however, Ethan knew that patience wasn’t his best virtue and before he knew what had entirely happened, he found himself striking the door with his right foot. He wasn’t only known as an impatient person but, a character not to be underestimated as he had a physique comparable to that of a full-grown man. The door almost got broken by his strength, it moaned and thwacked, its edges slammed hard into the concrete wall, a painful sound to his sensible ears that Ethan won’t regret doing all of his life. 

Until his sight, wide of fear and astonishment, caught the very state of his companion’s room. Like a snake, that familiar sensation uncoiled, springing towards him with such intensity which left him raw. Feeling the air escaped him and thought the Earth had stopped revolving on its axis, Ethan never knew terror until that very moment as he stumbled back, dry mouth gaped open as his voice tried to raise an alarm which would caused the St. Andrew Academy an infamous reputation.

  To be continued…



The End

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